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Any Tebbits out there with a bit of advice How long after your hip replacement were you told you could ride an execise bike A couple of months back the doctor told me not yet Last time I was thinking about other things and forgot to ask him Any Help? :???: :???: :???:


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    How's your allergy Tone?? Any better?

    Not had me hip done so as yet can't answer this sorry.

    If no-one gets back to you I would ask your GP? They will want you excersising as soon as poss for definite wont they :grin:


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    Everyone is different, tonesp, I think this is one for your doctor or pyhsio, not us. DD

    t31132.gif Just don't do this.
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    Can you not ring up the physio,mine gave me his number at the hossie to contact him. he thought about three months depending how you are healing.
    Ortho thought I could be back on the road 12 months Doh!!! and then he said try to keep on the flat Ha!!! lot of good as I live in uphill down hill country!!!!!
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    Hi Tones
    Sorry cant help, but I was waiting to see how you got on with the allergy, hopefully it was something and nothing.
    Barbara x
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    Hi Tony,

    every consultant seems to have a different oppinion and advice from physios can vary too.

    How far post op are you?

    I was told to obey the 90 degree rule for the first 12 weeks post op, any activity that did not break that rule was acceptable. So, as long as the seat is fairly high so that your knee doesn't go higher than your hip whilst turning the pedals should be absolutely fine.

    Be careful not to over do it.

    I found this online, it is very simiiar to the advice I was given -
    Riding a Stationary Bike
    According to the American Academy of Orthopedics, riding a stationary bike as part of your hip replacement exercises benefits you in many ways, increasing your hip muscle flexibility as well as helping your regain your muscle strength. Start by having the correct riding position. Adjust your seat level. The correct height is the point where your affected leg is as straight as possible and your foot just touches the pedal. Slip your foot inside the stirrup and start pedaling backward. Do not use any tension to begin with. Start out slowly for only two minutes. The average hip replacement patient stays at this level for about four weeks. At that point, you can start pedaling forward. Your goal is to ride your stationary bike for 20 to 30 minutes three times weekly.

    Read more: Hip Replacement Exercises | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5402922_hip-replacement-exercises.html#ixzz1CkLnpsYH

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    Hope this helps answer Tonys Q..

    Good find.will print and take with me on my next visit..

    Thank you.
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    Like speedy says it depends on your consultant......we'll never forget the difference will we speedy :lol: I was told obey the 90 degree rule for 6 weeks.
    That reminds me.....I'm going for acupuncture for my back and he says that I should obey the 90 degree rule for the rest of my life.....not a rigidly as we had to the first 6/12 weeks.....He told me to lie on my side while he did the acupuncture, I lay with one leg flat/straight and the top leg bent...does that make sense...almost a recovery position??? He nearly had 40 fits when he saw me like that