Has this happened to anyone else????? (Oh, and an update)

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Hi to everyone,
Just wondered if my experience is a postcode lottery sort of thing or what.
Went to see rheumy yesterday and got diagnosed with fibro (thats another rug gone from under my feet). Anyway, she was horrified that docs have not been giving me any painkillers all this time, and promptly wrote script for 240 cocodamols (I'll give you enough for the month, til your next docs appointment, is what she said). I got it from the hospital pharmacy, and when I got home, they've only given me 32. So I rang them to say a mistake had been made on the quantity, and got told its normal practice to only give 1 box of 32, if you want the others you'll either have to get another script from your docs, or buy them over the counter. I'm totally gobsmacked, how dare they override the consultant and play God with what THEY think I need. What is the point of putting any quantity on a script if the chemist is going to totally ignore it?? And also, why the hell should I pay over the counter when I've already paid £104 for my prescriptions for the year. :evil Anyway have phoned rheumy secretary about it, and she is looking into it, but seemed also slightly confused. Am I the only one who has had this problem??
Also got turned down for DLA, which has been decided on before getting fibro diagnosis, though I rang them yesterday to inform, and everything has crossed over at the same time. What to do?? Any help/ideas/cuddles greatly appreciated on anything I've covered.
Thanks for listening to my rant
Bren x


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    Hi Bren,
    Well that was unfair of the chemist as GP had specified the amount to keep you ticking over. Now you will run out soon and have to put in a repeat prescription when you need to rest as much as poss. Life is never simple. I hope the GP/rheummy will sort this out quickly for you.Glad you are getting some pain relief.
    DLA is a minefield and people often get turned down first time and then have to appeal. Let them also know the new medication you were prescribed. It could be they thought somebody not on painkillers cant be that bad.Did you get help to fill in the DLA forms?
    It is always good to get somebody experienced to help you such as CAB.

    Good luck and hope you have good news from now on,

    Elizabeth x
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    Our hospital pharmacy routinely ignores the consultant's wishes (they live in the real world, she sometimes doesn't) so I ask her to write to my GP who can then arrange for the pain dullers in appropriate quantities. In my experience this type of hiccup is not unusual. Go and see your GP, explain, and hopefully they will make up the difference for you and whack them on repeat. Appeal the DLA, given the new diagnosis, and gird your loins for a battle. I don't do the hugs and cuddles bit, until I really know someone, but take some time out to absorb and digest this latest set-back, and be kind to yourself. DD
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    I think here the hospitals are only allowed to give you a month's supply of the meds, then as said before, it's down to your GP.. I would do as my learned friend DD suggested, make an appointment with the GP soon, explain everything and hopefully the meds will be put onto a repeat for you..

    Take care & be well..

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    Hi Bren

    So sorry about the diagnosis, but as I said to a friend a while back try not to worry, you have probably been living with this condition for a very long time anyway and now you will be treated for it which has to be a postive.

    As for the meds...maybe it's the law? Who knows but l would do as tony suggets and get to the GPs to get it put on repeat eh?

    You take care


    Toni xx
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    Hi bren
    I have also been short changed at the hosp. My rhummy person wanted me to have 3mths supply of hydrox when i first started on it. Enough for me too to last till next app. They told me to go to my gp for the rest.

    Hope the meds start to work for you
    juliepf x
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    never come across this prob but then always take pres to local chemist get 100 co codamal no prob at all so do not know why they would not let u have them unless as they say money lol