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Hi I am diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis, I have had my allotted 2 months sick leave on full pay and therefore my pay will reduce to half I have been told by the union that if I am off sick with arthritis that my employer must continue to pay me my full wage is this correct? :?:


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    I think it depends on your length of service and what is said in there contract.. i work with the nhs and you get 6 months full paid sick, after 5 yrs of service you get 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay..
    Can you check in your contract or ring up hr... if your union is suggesting they should pay you differently then hopefully he will chase it up and sort it for you.. What has he said he is going to do??

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    Hi Cass15
    Thanks Tracy!

    I think Tracy has given you a very comprehensive answer. It really depends on your contract, which you can check with HR or get your union person to handle it for you. If you need help on coping with your arthritis let us know and here is a link to the National Osteoporosis Society:-

    Best wishes all

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    Thankyou both for the information I will check my contract, I think the union 'fella' was quoting from DDA but I'm not sure any way I will telephone HR in respect of this thanks once again :wink:
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    Hi Cass
    I think it depends on how long you have worked & who you work for
    I work for the NHS for last 28yrs & get 6months full pay then 6 months half pay then nothing after that i think your union guy is wrong about getting full pay coz we are covered otherwise folks will go on long term sick forever!
    Think Ive just repeated Tracys post :!:
    Maria x