information please

sunflower71 Member Posts: 2
hi, i have been getting a lot of pain from my big toe on right foot which swells up and causes a lot of discomfort. it hurts when im walking, resting and driving. my gp has told me its (RA) and perscribed me medication, iv also for the last 12 months had numbness and tingling sensation to the lower right part of my back this too is there constant no matter what position im in wether im sitting standing or lying down, it somtimes feels like someone is digging a fist into my back its really uncomfortable, now my right arm has started to hurt, i felt a crack in my arm as i picked something up and had terrible pain which lasted for about an hour before wearing off, this happens each time i make a sudden move with my arm, im just wondering wether this is all linked to my toe as im concerened now, and would or can it affect just one side of the body like in my case? any information would be really helpful, thankyou.