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I thought I had previously been a member many moons ago but can't find any records so perhaps I dreamed it.

I have had RA for nearly 15yrs, but fortunatly I have not had a bad flare up for quite a while.
I'm in my late thirties (eek, when did that happen) and try keep as active as possible. I'm very lucky at the moment, in that most people who meet me probably wouldn't guess I had RA (which can also have disadvantages when I have to explain why I can't do some things).

I partly joined/re-joined as I'm being refered to the hospital to see if they can do something for my feet as a couple of the joints are becoming quite badly deformed and getting comfortable footwear is a pain.

Thanks for reading


  • tjt6768
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    Hi Rashine, welcome/welcome back, whichever you like :lol:
    Hope that you are not suffering too much today.

    I'm sure that you probably know this, but the forum is a great place for knowledge etc..

    See you around..

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    Morning rashine, you may well have been a member before but the forum was upgraded last year so some changes have been made. You sound as tho you have been somewhat lucky with the RA so far, so let's hope that lasts for you. There are various threads about footwear - apparently we are all searching for the nirvana of high heels that don't hurt - well, some are, I cannot be bothered. I live in my Crocs, job done. I care not how they look, they slightly reduce the pain of walking so that for me constitutes a result. Having some decent insoles (either orthotic or just well-shaped) can have a positive impact on foot pain too - is that an avenue you have pursued? I wish you well and I hope the RA continues to remain at a decent distance. DD
  • Rashine
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    Thanks for the welcomes.

    I wear my crocs quite often during the day, but don't find they give me enough support if I'm out for a walk (and I've slipped in them before which is not nice).
    I do have some nice comfy footbeds made by a chiropodist, but my big toe joint has swollen so much that he big toe is now practically sitting on the smaller toes and the joint is giving me a bit of gip. Hopefully the orthopedic clinic will be able to help me out. And I'm starting to have problems finding shoes wide enough to cope with the joint. As for heels I haven't even tried since I was 24!

    I know I have been very, very lucky with my RA (touch wood) and hopefully it will stay at a managable distance for a while longer. But I well remember the frustration of not being able to get out of bed, get dressed, or even brush my hair on my own. Flare ups like that really get you down.
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    Welcome , Rashine , ( what a beautiful name ! ) I too have problem feet and suspect most of us on here struggle with comfy shoes . I swear by good old c**yfeet ; in fact I swear quite a lot these days , but only when on my own ! Check out their site , they're pricey but comfortable . Jillyb
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    Hi Rashine

    good to meet or remeet you :smile:

    sorry i am late saying hello, but life has been very busy :oops: .

    I am like you have been 'well' in my opinion for a good while and am sorry your feet are playing up. I do hope they can help and wish you all the best


    Toni xx

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