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Hi all, I went to physio today and she gave me some accupunture on my right leg and hip - it didnt hurt at all even though she put the needles right into the trigger points so am hoping I will feel some benefit. She also told me that on the plus side the anti inflamatories seam to be doing there job (sacral joint, pelvis and hips) but on the down side she also thinks that I have fibromyalgia too :( not a complete suprise but after being told my whole body is now completely hypersensitive to pain i did feel a bit gutted really. Any way collected my orthotics for my shoes and they feel really strange and like I am walking all wrong!
Has anyone else had a positive experience of accupunture as i am going back for more in a week - I am all for having a go at anything that may help x


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    I had acupuncture on my upper back again in the trigger points and it took the pain away almost immediately - think I actually cried (embarrassingly) unfortunately it didn't last very long about 2 hours and the pain came back. however my friend is having a course on her knee and she says big improvement - so fingers crossed for you.

    I have orthotics and I love them - they made a really big difference. Feel strange at first and made my back hurt more for a few days but now I can't wear shoes without them.

    Katie x
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    I was offered acupuncture a while ago, but I declined, wish I hadnt now, there are a couple of people on here getting benefit from it, I think one is hileena not sure of the other name.
    So I am going to ask my GP can I be refereed back to the pain clinic.
    I do hope you get some relief very soon .
    Barbara x
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    Acupuncture doesn't hurt and can give relief, so that is a good thing. Keep it up for as long as you can and let's hope it does help for the long term. Proper orthotics change the angles of so many joints - my knees turn in without my insoles, pop them in my shoes and they face the front and oh boy! does that feel weird at first! Still can't bl**dy walk tho! :grin: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben