anyone tried ultrasound home treatment

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My hubby has just shown me an advert for a home ultrasound treatment suppose to help with pain relief - will try anything but this is quite expensive

trust your advice so please enlighten me

hope your all having a good day

Katie :???:


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    hi, I dont know about home ultra sound but my old physio used to do it at the end of our sessions and I did get some pain relief for a day or to but not really lasting x
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    After TENs had repeatedly failed to give any relief, I was given this in hospital for a total of 12 weeks during the latter part of my recovery from the second open synovectomy. I found it utterly useless, it did not relieve any discomfort whilst it was being done, or after. My mother also had a course of it at her hospital for her sciatica and again found little benefit. This doesn't mean it won't work for you, and you won't know until you try, but I really do think these home treatment things are for the worried well, those who like to think they have troublesome problems, rather than for the like of us who actually do. I wish you well. DD
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    thanks all

    yeah think you're right - sounds too good to be true.
    seem to remember having ultrasound on a hamstring injury when i was a teenager and it not doing much good then was hoping things had improved.

    love the fact you get honest answers here x

    Katie x