Hip pain?

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I think I have hip pain but it's coming from my thigh and groin area. My actual hip area is tender too. It's on both sides but the right side is much worse. It started yesterday and has got so much worse. I can barely walk and it hurts if my legs are too close and too far away.

I can't take anything stronger than paracetamol because co-codamol is making me ill. I have a high temperature and stomach bug. So, combined together, I just feel so rotten. I'm wondering if I should see the doctor.

I've slept basically all day and I have only been able to sit up for the last few hours.



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    sorry your feeling so poorly - think you may be better seeing your doctor, high temperature not good.

    take care

    Katie x
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    Oh dear, poor you. I cannot help on the hip pain but it could be referred pain from other joints - alternatively you say you have a stomach bug so it could just be your guts that are protesting - I don't know as I am not a doc. Only you can decide just how rough you are feeling and what you need to do. Keep up with the paracetamol for the temperature and keep hydrated - it could all just be the bug. I wish you well and I hope you start to feel better soon. DD

    (Don't pill packets say that if the temperature does not go down within a certain time frame then to contact the GP? There's your answer, perhaps.)
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    hi starburst,
    regarding the hip pain it sounds like the same kind of pain i had with my hips b4 i had them replaced. i had pysio for weeks as they thought it was the muscle as i had pain in thigh and groin. it wasn't until i had x tays that it was clear that the join was worn away- hence why i had the replacements .
    as for the other stuff im not sure, maybe just a bug- i'd definatly get checked out x x
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    Always wise to see a doc about pain just in case its anything serious.

    When you say thigh and groin area, if you mean on the outside, maybe you should (if you didnt already) read a bit about Hip Bursitis? That causes my hip pain (in that kinda area) and the physio gave me a set of simple stretching exercises to do daily and took the pain away really quickly... i keep doing them now to avoid it coming back!

    Not sure of your history tho so just adding for info, if you are unsure and it doesnt go away or get worse you should really see ur doctor.
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    Hi Sophie,

    i agree with the others there are so many things that could be contributing to this you would be best to talk to your gp. Maybe a phone call would be enough as your feeling unwell it might be better than going in and sitting waiting.

    In the mean time just rest, drink as much and you can and with my hips heat helps as well as one of those stick on patches.

    Really hope you soon feel a lot better. Leaving a ((( ))) Cris x
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    Hi Starburst, how are you feeling today ?

    Have you had an x-ray on this particular hip ?

    It sounds very much like mine. I dont mean to scare you but my hip joint is worn out, but its been like this for over 10 yrs so yours maybe in the early stages.
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    Hi Starburst, don't put up with it - get it checked out.

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    I've been having hip pain this week too.

    My hips always get worse if I am feeling stressed or at all under the weather. They are the first things to get sore whn I get any sort of a bug.

    Might be worth going to the GP just to put your mind at rest that its not an inflamation or wear.
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    I'm definitley in less pain but it's bothering me. I have basically slept since Thursday, so I haven't been moving. We shall see how it feels when I get moving again.

    I've had the most awful stomach bug. I phoned my GP but because it's highly contagious, they won't see me. I'm waiting for a phone call back. I'm praying I'll feel better soon. I have a selection day for university on Friday and I have 500 words to write for my assignment by Thursday, eek!
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    Hip pain can definitely be felt in the groin but I'm glad you've contacted your GP. Better safe than sorry.

    Hope the bug clears up to enable you to get on with your assignment although, as I remember, you passed your last exam with flying colours while in a lot of pain. Keep plugging away, Starburst. You're doing great.
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