Well, it's not rheumatoid but...

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I don't know what it is that's causing my joint pains. The blood tests show conclusively it's not RA. At my request the GP has referred me to the Rheumatologist.

I suspect now it could be enteropathic or reactive arthritis, associated with my Crohn's disease. The GP didn't mention any other types of arthritis though!

Also I saw the podiatrist again this week and said about my ankle pains. She has increased the angle slightly on my orthotics and said to give it a month to see if it works. She's referred me to a specialist as she can't help any further if this doesn't help, also I want to have one of my bunions removed. My ankle now hurts more than it did and my hips are hurting more too, likely because of this change, I will give it time of course but I'm not impressed!


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    Its a pain (literally) when there are no answers to the aches and pains that we have on a daily basis. Hope that you get some answers soon.

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    Sorry you've got no answers - it's really hard when you don't know what your dealing with. I've had osteoarthritis for 19 years but was only diagnosed 3 years ago. keep asking.

    interested in your comment about having bunions removed - i have one and i hate it would love to have it removed but I'm a bit of a coward. let me know how you get on.

    take care

    Katie x
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    hi, I have IBD too, ulcerative colitis and also have arthritis. Rheumatology,GP and physio team agree that this is a result of the UC and is an extra intestinal manifestation. At the time I put IBD and arthritis into google and found some interesting research articles, one I seam to remember was an italian study and very good. I hope you get more answers after your referal x
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    Hi Pherston..

    I believe blood test are not enough to diagnose RA.. I have symptoms of RA but my bloods have not shown it up nor have my xrays.. so i have had a bonescan which apperently will show up any early signs of inflamation..
    These results are in the post now..
    Can you not ask your consultant for more tests to find the reason for your joint pain/.. I suffer with my ankles alot recently and it's not nice.. some days i struggle to walk so can understand how you are feeling.. I would def request further investigation..
    Let us know how you get on..
    Wish you well

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    There are many, many forms of inflammatory arthritis and not all can be diagnosed with a blood test - those that cannot come under the heading of sero-negative. Accurate diagnosis can take some time, so keep a a diary of your symptoms, what aggravates matters, what eases things, whether certain foods trigger episodes of any of your conditions, what pain relief you find effective, tiredness levels etc - this is not an exercise in hypochondria, it is a good way to give your rheumatologist a clear picture of you and how things are with you. Persevere with the orthotics - having joints restored to better angles will feel odd! I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I am sorry you are so much pain but I am really glad that you have asked for a rheumatology referral. RA is not something which can be conclusively diagnosed with a blood test and, although a GP may suspect RA, diagnosis is usually made by a rheumatologist. As others have said, diagnosis of arthritis can be complicated and takes time but DD's suggestion of keeping a diary of symptoms etc is a good one and will hopefully help the rheumatologist to understand what is going on.

    I do hope you don't have to wait too long for your referral. Good luck with it.

    Tilly xxx
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    Such a tricky one this one isn't it? well done for asking to see a rheumatologist. This site actually says there are over 200 types of arthritis and a heck of a lot of them do not have positive blood results even though the pain swelling and inflamation can be obvious.

    Including me :grin:

    I hope for the best for you


    Toni xx
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    I was diagnosed with RA (12yrs ago) and my bloods were borderline, sometimes you have to go on clinical diagniosis as well.
    But everyone is different and Arthur seems to react differently in everyone.

    Good luck with the Rheumatologist, I wasn't given a formal diagnosis until my second hospital visit (after three years of visiting several GPs)
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    Hi Pherstun,

    I also have crohns and pa with a ? over some other kind lurking as well. They tend to flare together, be it severe or low grade and its a bit of a problem as you know.

    The mtx I am on holds the crohn's reasonably well.. well its not too violent at any rate but they have just put the bones on palliative only so when I see the gastro next month I am going to beg him to give me something to clobber both... If he does will let you know what it is he is using.

    I really hope they will get you sorted out and come up with some kind of definitive diagnosis for you. Nice to meet you. Cris x
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    I too have had borderline blood tests, X-rays show nothing, am waiting for MRI scan to make the diagnosis, they suspect RA.

    I have just started on Methotrexate and am on 4 different painkillers/anti inflamatories.

    I had two bunion and hammertoe surgeries last year, they were nothing compared to the pain I am experiencing with the (possible RA), at least pain killers stopped the pain after the bunion ops :smile:

    I wear orthotics, but I am having constant pain in my left ankle making walking virtually impossible due to the pain and stiffness. Also my left shoulder and hand is bad, right hand and shoulder not so bad, right ankle is fine (nice to know how it feels for one joint not to hurt :grin:

    Hope you improve soon and it is good to read the website to know we are all in the same boat, that is reassuring, you do think you are the only one when you are really bad.

    Take Care
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    Hi Caroline,

    just to say once they have diagnosed you and they know what they are dealing with it does get easier flower. The people here are very good at making you feel you are not alone if you ever need help they are here every time. Nice to meet you as well and hope they will soon get you sorted. Cris x