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I had hip re-surfaced in 2007 February.
For the last 18 months the pain in my hip/groin and leg is getting worse.
At the moment it's very uncomfortable and i have limited movement of the hip.
I went to the Doc's about 8 weeks ago and he just bent it this way and that and said I'd need another hip.
How can he know that without scans? (I believe that problems with re-surfaced hips do not show up on ordinary x-rays.)
The trouble is the Doc puts everything down to stress as i am a full time carer for my severely disabled hubby. Chronic pain with arthur all over(feet/neck/cervical spondylosis of the spine) all down to stress.
I would ideally like a referral to a hospital in another district that specialises in hip re-surfacing, they're supposed to be the second best in britain.
Will the Doc refer me if I ask her? Can they refuse to send me there?
I'm not very good at telling my doc what I would like- as soon as I step in the surgery it all disappears out my brain!!!!
Not sure what answer i am looking for but thank you for reading.


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    Hi Daylily
    Sorry for the delay in replying - all the Helplines team today have the lergy.
    Yes - in brief you should be Ok to move to another hospital - see the NHS Choices website
    Why is choosing the hospital in which I am first seen important?
    The hospital at which you choose to see a specialist will probably also be the one where you receive treatment, should you need it. Therefore, when you choose where to see a specialist, always assume that treatment will be necessary, even if this seems unlikely or uncertain when your GP first refers you.

    If you're not happy with your chosen hospital after seeing a specialist, tell your GP. They can make you an appointment at another hospital. However, this may delay any treatment you need, so think carefully before deciding to go to another hospital.

    Hope this helps
    Helplines team