DLA assesment yikesss

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i have just had a phone call to arrange an assesment,im so worried what if im not in pain that day,i dont know what to do, i have heard they are not very nice :sad:


  • traluvie
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    I'm not sure how it works too be honest..
    I am sure someone will come along soon and be able to advise you.. i have noticed there are quite a few people who have had these.. maybe they are not all bad..
    I hope it goes well for you.. even if you are not in pain on that day surely they should know that with arthritis that our days differ from one day to the next. I hope that after explaining everything you have to do on a daily basis just to get moving and how it affects your life, hopefully the person will be understanding and supportive to that..
    Fingers crossed for you..

    Take care

    When is your assesment?
  • julie47
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    Hi Katknapp
    I haven't had an assesment as yet but I reckon I will eventually.
    I just want to wish you luck, and say try to keep calm.(not easy I know)
    Take care
    juliepf x