Need some advice pleae.

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Hi just looking to see if anyone has any advice iv had arthritis for 6 years been taking methotrexate for around 5 years took a while to work but for last 3 years been not too bad. over the last year was advised by doctor to cut down from 10 tabs a week to 5 was still ok after this for 6 months but last 3 weeks been really bad stiff knees swollen the lot. Going to get up to 10 a week again with my methotrexate see if helps. Is there anyone else had similar experience or have any advice please..


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    HI nicnic

    gosh it's so long since I took MTX in tablet form (I have injections now) that I'm not sure if I can remember what the dose is ..... 2mg each or 2.5? 10 tablets would that be 20mg or 25?

    In my experience of MTX (over the past 9 years or so) the dose is often raised or lowered depending on inflammatory markers in blood results, symptoms and side effects. I have, in the past 12 months, been on between 15 & 25 mg at various times, as they tried to get the dose right in combination with the other drugs i take.

    I find that an increased dose gives me more side effects for a little while, but then tends to settle down again.

    I'm afraid sometimes with these meds the only way to know is to try the increase and see if it helps or hinders :roll: Oh for a crystal ball eh? :wink:

    good luck & I do hope you get some relief from your flare-up

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    Hi nicnic,

    Welcome to the forums from me as well.

    i also take 10 a week they have yet to work i am afraid..... i wonder how long is it till you see your rumo again? I think they have to give it so long before they agree its failed but maybe there is some kind of add in you could have to help stop the stiffness etc?

    Might be worth talking it through with the rumo nurse (if you have one) or the rumo them selves if it carries on.

    Really hope that the 10 will work for you and will keep my fingers crossed.Nice to meet you. Cris x
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    If the bigger dose was controlling it then go back to the bigger dose. Obviously docs like us to take the smallest dose possible to control the arthritis, but your dose now sounds too small. If you are only on meth then overall you are doing well. Increase the dose and let's hope that helps. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi nicnic
    Welcome to the forum, sorry I cant help with the meds, but I just want to wish you well with it, and please let us know how you are doing.
    Barbara x
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    Hello and welcome from me too!

    So sorry you are struggling but, as the other peeps have said, it does sound as if the lower dose is not now enough to keep the inflammation at bay. Given that mtx takes a while to work in the first place, my guess is that it also takes a while to get of your system which could be why you have been managing on the lower dose until recently. Mind you, halving the dose seems a bit drastic all at once! It does sound as if you need to increase the mtx again, but maybe you could discuss with your docs the possibility of increasing it gradually, to find the lowest effective dose or as Cris says, asking about adding another drug..

    Thinking of you.

    Love Tilly xxx