OSA in neck injections and work

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I've had OA since early 2006, fingers , thumbs both hands, both hips, right knee and very bad neck ,await date re spinal injections
tried Tens no help and pain medication
currently back to only 3 days a week, employer has done nothing to mak eme comfortable or help in any way
last year or was it 2009, sent me for a medical, advised since 2008 not fit for stores work, yet here I am ,advised stay as I am or LEAVE???
what a decision as I must work simply to live and survive, no doubt effects personal life as we all must surely know

basic help advice I am desperate for

re injections any one had these Prof advise between 1 and 4 of them plsu 1/2 day in hospital any effects adverse?

work ACAS can do nothing tried several times
work advertised my role, job weeks ago( still adveritse0 constructive dismissal or what, how do I stand
medical advised yes I have arthritis and offered work place assesment, nothing done at all?? but this is the type of this employer staff leaving all the time, no wonder

I need help advice re I can stop work under new scheme yet I've worked since i was 15 yrs now 59 yrs, but benefits too little plus I am only on low DLA?
can any one offer advice, info etc thank you for your valued time and consideration
apologies for late reply limited e mail access
Poet1, Aberdeenshire HELP PLEASE??? exhausted and as we all know terrible pain, have not slept through since 2009( when neck became affected) prof mentioned operation if injections don't help in neck???


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    Oh dear, poet1, things are not going well for you, are they? I cannot help at the moment, I don't have the necessary knowledge but may I suggest that you ring the helpline here? They may well be able to put you in contact with those that can offer the proper assistance, give you correct information, etc. The number is at the top of every page on the forums and I understand that the call is free from a BT landline. I wish you well. DD
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    Are you in a union??.
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    Hi Poet

    Jeepers your employer sounds like mine and I am guessing there is certainly no union to help you. :roll:

    This doesn't add up at all. You had a medical somewhere? which said you were not fit for the work but have been told to like it or lump it!! :shock:
    They can't do this surely?? Have you tried the CAB who will tell you of your rights? You will hear the term reasonable adjustments but my employer would laugh at that and if like me you work role is pretty rigid there may not be any they can make in your current position. Are there any other roles in the company less demanding? Would you want them? Sorry I am being a bit vague here, but as someone struggling to stay at work too, I am furious on your behalf.

    I can't advise on the neck issue and am not much help elsewhere with all this, but you do have my sympathy. As DD says the helpline may be able to advise and I would certainly try and see someone at the CAB as a starting point.

    I hope others with more practical advise will call in here. Hang in there