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Hello Everybody,

A young friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with early arthritis, concerned about her health i thought it would be nice if i could get some advise from you guys, i would highly appreciate if you guys could recommend some exercises or ways to cure early stages of Arthritis please. Thanks in advance.


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    hi butterfly2011,
    First of all im sure your friend will welcome your trying to find help for her,
    I am newish to this site but im sure someone will be along soon to help
    I picked up some very helpful leaflets from my doctors surgery when arthritis was first mentioned to me.
    All the best to your friend,
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    Hi Butterfly, I am afraid that there is no cure as such, only management etc.. Do you know what type she has?
    It would certainly be wrong of us to advise on excercises etc as we are all very different.. She needs to discuss her options with her GP/specialist, whichever diagnosed her as to where she can go now..
    This site really is a great place for advice, don't get me wrong but I for one wouldn't want to tell her to start doing any kind of excersises.
    I wish her all the best and please let us know more when you do, could she join the forum herself? We are a friendly bunch and very welcoming..

    Best wishes, it is a very nice thing you are trying to do for her... She could need your support in the future..

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    Well, your friend is lucky that she has you to help. As Tony said there is no cure and there are close on 200 forms of this pestilence - exercise can be beneficial to those with OA (osteo arthritis) but for people like me it causes more problems than it helps (I don't have OA). We cannot, however, tell her or you what she should be doing, we are not doctors or physiotherapists, we don't know her history, it just isn't a good idea. As del suggested, download the information from AC, and encourage your friend to talk to her GP, perhaps get a referral to a physiotherapist who will be in a position to advise. I wish her well. DD
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    Hi Butterfly

    I am sorry to be so late welcoming you to teh forums and hope you were able to get the info you wanted from the info section.

    If not please do ask specific questions on the living with arthritis forums, including some info about the type of arthritis your friend has.


    toni xx