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hi do you explain to boss just how bad it can be. have never explained how i struggle some days, only work 4 hours and that in afternoon so have only misses one day due to arther.
had results back the other day that hips ok but dammage in knee that causing hip pain did mention this to boss (who is female and 20 years older than me) and all i got was we all get aches and pains did not say anything but been thinking since perhaps i should explain but then till i find out what type of inflimation it is it difficult to explaine and i like to keep myself to myself it no one buisness but mine unless it starts to affect my work but who is to say when that will be lol val


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    Hi Val
    I would tell her exactly what its like
    Some people have no idea "Its only arthritis" :x
    Wish they had a dose of "its only arthritis" it might change there minds
    Keep strong
    Maria x
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    Hi Val,
    It is very difficult to explain to non suffers what its like isn't it? You need to tell her what your problems are - hopefully she will eventually understand. I am with you on this one - I have been off sick since Dec and even though my Dr is saying that I can go back on reduced hours my employers are having non of it - they have requested a report from my Dr - it seems if I cant go back full time they dont want me back at all!
    Good Luck Val I am with you all the way on this one!
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    thanks might do if things get worse but so far would rather potter on they are good people just well bosses lol i supose
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    Hows work going?
    Hope they are looking after you
    I dont know about you but this weather is driving my joints mad
    Roll on some sun to warm our bones
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    hi val

    i've told my boss how bad my OA can be and to be honest i can't hide it very well because i tend to look a bit rough and ghostlike when i'm having a bad time! he's very understanding but saying that doesn't make any allowances and i have to do lots of typing everyday.

    i struggle with the cold and work in a very cold building - i've said so many times that i'm too cold but just get told its because i've got Arthur that i feel it more. take a little hot water bottle in now and put it on my knee so i can keep warming my hands.

    hope your feeling ok today.

    Katie x