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My rheumatologist send me a letter in the post saying he suspects lupus based on my symptoms and my blood test results. This was news to me! He wants me to see someone who specialises in this particular field. Since I last saw my rheumy, I got a 2nd opinion with another local rheumy who felt I have seronegative RA. I wasn't going to see this specialist but I think I should now.

Does it ever end?! :roll:


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    I am sorry you have something else to add to your list, like you say it never ends.
    Sorry I cant give any advice , but I just want to wish you well, and good luck with the specialist
    Barbara xx
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    Hi starburst
    I am also sorry that you now have another problem to add to your list.
    I feel the same as you ...does it ever end?

    I want to wish you luck with the next appointment hope all goes well

    juliepf x
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    We used to have a regular poster, called carola, she was re-diagnosed with lupus and started a special diet to help: she has vanished from the forums, why I don't know, but she did put quite a few threads up about it. Try doing a search on LWA, using the word lupus ans watch out for her name on replies, etc - she found out a great deal about it. I wish you well. DD
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    I had a feeling from your previous posts that your rheumy suspects lupus. You need to see a lupus specislist to either confirm or rule it out. Although treatments for both are fairly similar, methotrexate, plaquenil etc, the care regime is different.

    For example for lupus you should wear high factor sunscreen all the time to prevent flares. You should have regular urine tests to check for early signs of kidney damage.

    Certain meds can cause reactions in lupus, but not in RA. The joints can be damaged in RA but not lupus. You can also get crossovers of the two there is actually a 'rhupus', a combination of the two.

    I know the road to diagnosis is tricky, but you do need to persevere with this.

    P.s. I hate to be a wet blanket, but no 'special' diet is going to cure or control lupus. Believe me, we would all be on it, if that were the case!!! :lol: