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I am a mum who's 12 year old son is currently waiting to get diagnosed with JRA, from the hips down. I have been "visiting" for a number of weeks and found all the information helpful. Look forward to chatting with you! :smile:


  • traluvie
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    Hi Dankai..

    Welcome to the forum..
    They are a great bunch of people on here...
    Always willing to offer support and advice when needed..
    Hope you find it useful..
    Wish you well
  • katie5
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    hi there

    just want to say hello - sorry you had to find us but everyone here is so kind and helpful.

    hope your son is ok and don't forget to look after yourself too.

    take care

    katie :smile:
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    I would like to welcome you too, I am sorry to hear about your son, that is a very young age for this eh? I sincerely hope that he isn't suffering too much... I have been fighting this rubbish in one form or another since about 13 myself.... Almost 30 yrs on now :shock: :grin: OMG........ Seeing it written down makes me feel soooooooo old.. :lol:

    Be well and hope to see you on the forums

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    Hi Dankai

    I am sorry to be late with my welcome :oops:

    I do hope that you find this site useful I expect the forum for parents will be the best for you, but us oldies know how it is from 'our' side too so maybe can help?

    Take care


    Toni xx

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