Pseudogout - anyone have this problem?

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Hi all

I had my first rheumatology appointment last week, and the tentative diagnosis is that I have pseudogout in my wrist.

Pseudogout differs from orthodox gout in that it is characterised by calcium crystals instead of uric acid crystals. And apparently there are no dietary changes that can help relieve symptoms.

I see the specialist again in 4 months (which is ages away!) and stay on NSAIDS for now to deal with the inflammation. But 4 months is a long time, so does anyone have any tips for coping with the flare ups?

I have some freezing gel, which helps to an extent, but wondered if there were any other things I could try to get some relief.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi RebekahMacd

    I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Pseudogout. I have seen from some of your other threads that you also have swelling of your knees. Has this been diagnosed as pseudogout as well? I suppose resting and elevating the affected joint(s) may help, not always easy, I grant you, and some kind of regular exercise that will strengthen the muscles around the affected joint(s), may help to keep them mobile. Perhaps your gp can recommend a safe and effective exercise programme for you or the rheumi but 4 months is a long time to wait to ask him/her. Can the affected joint(s) be aspirated from time to time to relieve the swelling?

    When I was working I used to rest my feet on boxes of duplicating paper which helped. This was not for pseudogout but general aching of the legs. I wish I could be of more help.

    Elna x
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    Hi RebekahMacd,

    Sorry i can't help you but just wanted to say hi and nice to meet you. Cris x
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    I'm sure I had this about a year or so ago, I have OA of the kneecaps and I also get gout, I started getting pains in my knuckels and thumbs it got so bad I had trouble picking things up driving etc, as normal by the time I went to my GP it wasn't as bad as it had been he told me it was tendonitis which didn't help me much but it went after a month or so haven't had whatever it was back since thank god as it was as bad as any gout I've ever had. All you can do is hang in there and try anything you can to help it it will pass in time.
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    Hi Chris, Elna and mellman. :)

    Thanks for your advice, Elna. I do have problems with my knees, but the rheumatologist isn't worried about them at all, which is kind of annoying! His answer: people my age apparently get swollen knees. It happens sometimes. So he told me to arrange physio through my GP. I now wait for an appointment.

    But I visited my osteopath on Wednesday and she thinks that my knees are getting too much stress on them because I've got hypermobile hips and ankles, and I don't use my big toes to balance. She thinks the physio will be able to give me strengthening exercises, and teach me how to walk/stand in a way that will put less stress on my knees. So that's all very hopeful!

    I do elevate my legs when I can and that helps a lot.

    I just have to learn to be patient - properly patient - and wait for my body to deal with the problems. It should in time.

    Thanks again. :)

    x Rebekah