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Just thought I had better join the party. Some of you will already know who I am by my username! Yes, I am his OH.
Hi hunny..........guess I know what your surprise is now......LOL
For those of you who don't know me my name is Janet and I am Tony's better half!! :grin:
I guess he is getting an inkling at the moment that there's something afoot.
I am very pleased to meet you all and I will be seeing some of you very soon. Anyway sorry to keep it short but I had better get back to work.



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    well everyone.... Meet Janet..... The bugger that knows what the surprise is... Lol
    I'm sat waiting in the showroom for the new car now...

    I'm sure you will all make her welcome...
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    Nice to meet you Janet..
    Welcome to the madhouse lol :roll:
    So did you like your surprise???
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    Hi Janet
    And welcome to the forum....I think you will get all the men worried that there OHs will sign up.
    Its lovely to meet you....we have heard all about you from Tony.....all good honest :shock:
    Barbara x
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    Well thank you all for your warm welcome, but alas you are not likely to see me very often if at all on here. Only because I work on a computer all day long and don't want to spend my free time on one as well. Besides I would have to fight Tony for it and above all I wouldn't want to cramp his style!! :lol:
    It was a complete fluke that I spoilt his surprise. He talks about you all so much that whilst at work yesterday I thought "I'll just pop on and see what he is yakking about today"?
    Oh dear! I was surprised but not the kind that Tony had planned. :wink:
    Hee Hee it was fun though.
    So this is to say "Adios" but you never know, I may pop up every now and then. Bye for now. Janet x
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    Well Hello!!

    I am not sure I remember thsi happening before.....!!!

    It IS good to 'meet' you Janet.

    Tony has settled in rather well and is a valued memeber of the gang now :smile:

    Do pop in when you get 5


    Toni xx

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