who knew it would be so hard.....

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who knew it would be so hard.....to find clothes without any metal in them?
Finally going for my MRI this morning yay
so hopefully we're on the road to getting my knee fixed
fingers crossed



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    Good Luck Chrissie
  • tkachev
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    Jogging bottoms don't usually contain metal and a big baggy t-shirt. I hope it all goes well Chrissie and good luck,

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    Dont worry too much about metal, I have been for a few MRI's and they normally get you to change into a gown beforehand.

    Good luck and take your own CD with you, the music they give to listen to is usuallt garbage.

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    All done... Think it's a sad indictment of my life at the moment that that was the most relaxed i've felt all week!
    Ok it was noisy but I think the knowledge that I just had to lie there and listen to jazz for half an hour and there was nothing I could do about it was great.... Pity I'm now back to the stress of work :(
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    Was gonna wish you luck but you are back already.
    Glad you eventually found something to wear. I purchased some pull on trousers and wear a vest (not string a nice one :lol: ) so that I dont wear a bra.
    I do have to take leg off though before entering, so trousers have to be quite wide :lol:
    Anyway..... glad it went ok.
    Hope you get the results pretty quick
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hello Chrissie,

    Like Juliepf I am too late to wish you "good luck" so I will say "well done" instead!

    Hope you don't have to wait too long for the results.

    Love Tilly xxx