First Rituximab completed

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Just thought I'd drop a line and update on yesterday.

After an hour's drive to do 10 miles, we arrived on time for my 8.30am appt. All did not start well as unfortunately neither of the two nurses on duty could get a canula inserted. Each had two attempts and then called for the duty doctor.

Despite several pleas from the nurses, it was 3 hours later when the doctor finally arrived and inserted the canula at the first attempt.

My first infusion at 11.30am was a Steroid, this took 30 minutes to go in. I was also given paracaetamol and Puriton to try and avoid any reactions. After the requisite 1 hour wait between infusions, my Rituximab began at 1.40 om and finally finished at 6.20pm.

All procedures were quite painless, and thankfully I had no reaction other than a great swell of tiredness immediately after the Rituximab began. I slept on and off for the first couple of hours, though the BP every 30 minutes, disturbed my siesta.

We finally got home at 7.30pm, at least the traffic had quitened by then. I had a light meal, went straight to bed and slept quite well. This morning I feel fine, though still a bit tired.

Thank you all for being with me - I did so appreciate it - sorry we all had such a long day.

We have a repeat on Thursday, 24th February, 8.30am. I am assured this should go through quicker and that a Doctor will be waiting to insert the line, as soon as I arrive - we'll see -won't we!!!

Incidentally, my daughter, Sue, should be discharged from hospital on the 24th - she has been critically ill and in hospital in Cambridgeshire since 6th October last year. So fingers crossed for us both on 24th Feb.
My best wishes to you all


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    Hi Mollie,

    Glad its done flower an the cannula thing... boy do I know that one and hope they haven't made you too sore with the failed attempts?

    Its a long day but it might help you so much so hoping it will.

    Wow you must be so pleased and relived your daughter is coming home on the 24th? Fingers crossed for you and let us know how the infusions and your daughter get on please. Cris x
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    Hi Mollie glad the Rituximab went ok ' but it must have been whacked hving such a long day. Lovely to hear your daughter is coming out of hospital too
    Best of luck to you both
    Juliepf x.
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    I'm so glad your infusion went well Mollie. I was thinking of you. I really hope that it helps you.

    I'm also so pleased that your daughter will be able to come home soon. That must be a huge relief for you.

    Thinking of you.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Hi Mollie

    Glad it all went well for you, though a pity you had such a delay to start the day. I hope you soon feel less tired and feel some benefit.
    Do hope all goes well on the 24th and that you and your daughter both have a good day then. Fingers and toes crossed for both of you.
    take care
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    Hi Mollie
    I am so glad it went well for you, I really do hope you get some benefit from it very soon, and I will have everything crossed that your daughters is home on the 24th.
    You take care and get some rest, we are always here when you need us.
    Barbara x
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    HI Mollie

    I'm glad to hear that they looked after you so well, as it is daunting going for an infusion for the first time isn't it?

    I'm having infliximab infusions, having so far had 3, and it does get a little easier each time I think.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that they do have the doctor ready and waiting ...... but perhaps it would be best not to hold your breath :wink: :roll:

    best of luck & I do hope it works for you