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I have just received a form from atos asking me to fill it in a return it, so they can asses my capability to work. and whilst Iam not adverse to working, when I have a day where Iam am not in pain, which is few and far between these days.
The questions they ask are so, loaded towards forcing you back to work, you wonder why you bother trying to claim at all.

Or am I just being melodramatic?


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    Not over dramatising at all ; fill in the form as if you are suffering your worst day not your best as bad days are probably more frequent than good ones ! Am I making any sense ? I rarely do , but hope you know what I mean . Hope you get the results you need . Jillyb
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    Yes I agree fill it in as though it was your worst day
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    Rikki, As the others have said, make sure you fill the form in as if it was your worst day.

    Best wishes,
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    Hi Rikki,
    I can only reiterate what others have so rightly said, treat the answers as if it were your worst days, keep copies of all your forms and it is a good idea to have someone independent, to go through things with you, we all forget to mention things or think "oh that's not important", when it can make a whole lot of difference. I truly hope that they take the time to properly evaluate your application, even though the ATOS system is a tick box, point scoring game, that is closed to the eyes of the outside world. XX Bubbles
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).