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Hi all, hope you are having a lovely weekend- its bright and sunny here today. I posted a while ago about the return of my dreaded gastritis, I switched from ompeprazole back to ranitadine 150mg twice a day which has always helped in the past when on high dose steroids but still the epigastric pain continues so i feel I have no choice but to stop the volterol which I credit with really helping my stiffness and pain. Already the wrist and fingers are cross with me and i fear the back, hips and pelvis will soon mount a protest too. I am seeing rheumatology wednesday coming so I hope an alternative can be found. Plan on putting my little one to bed soon, dvd on for the older one and then i can put my feet up (hopefully) and sit down with a cup of tea x


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    Hi Spacey
    Sorry to hear that you are not well, its difficult to get the balance right isn't it,but hopefully you will get some help at your appointment on Wed, Hope that the little one has a long nap and that the DVD keeps the older one occupied long enough for you to take a break, put your feet up, enjoy your cuppa and have some "me" time.
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    Hi spacey
    I really do feel for you, they took me off my anti inflams...and I am still suffering,
    Hopefully you rheumy may be able to help , I do hope you manage to keep the little ones happy then you can get the rest you need.
    Please let us know how you get on Wednesday...everything crossed for you.
    Barbara xx