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I have had Psyratic arthritis and now osteoarthritis for the past 20 years, (I am 47) and lead a very active life. I dance 3 times a week and attend Curves 3 times a week, I also run my own business. However, all this is taking its toll and I am determined that the arthritis will not rule my life. I am now in constant daily pain and don't like taking meds. Does anyone have any helpful advise on how they manage without meds?


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    I wish I was that lucky Sue, lol..
    Welcome to the forum, how you are not suffering too much today.
    I can't even get up without all my pain meds :roll:

    Be well :grin:
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    Hi Sue..

    It's good to hear that you have been lucky not to suffer so much.. that must be brilliant..
    Unfortunately i cannot imagine coping without my meds.. i still suffer with my meds, but i think of how i would be much worse withouth the meds..
    What have you tried??
    I know there are heat pads that can be used on various joints maybe things like that would help when you are active.. other than that i not sure of any natural remedies..
    Maybe some1 else will be able to offer you some better advice..
    All the best..x
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    Thanks to all, I don't believe that meds are the best for you in the long term thats all. I have quite a high pain threshold as well which helps along with all the exercising if I don't do it them i'm far worse.
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    Did you mean psoriatic arthritis for your first one? Have you had both forms for 20 years or is the OA new? There are no wonderful things out there, the only thing that will keep you going is sheer bloody-mindedness. In terms of lasting relief, well I think you can forget the following: cold, heat, pain dullers, magnets, support bandages, TENs machines but acupuncture might work, briefly or possibly a little longer if you find a good practitioner (but it could be costly). If you are still able to dance you are doing OK - I take it that walking and other exercising is also not impossible. When those things do become impossible (which I hope for you will not be for a very long time) you may well find your view on pain meds etc changing. I apologise for being such a moral weakling in that I cannot function without at least one whack of cocodamol every day - I am pathetically weak and feeble, I know. I wish you well. DD
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    Personally, I have gone from hating meds to living from dose to dose. I used to be a total alternative therapy person, but unfortunately with my arthritis it just isn't practical or sensible. My family is just far too imprtant to me.

    However, I find burning lavender and rosemary calming and upliofting and biofreeze to be an effective pain relieving gel. It isnt an uncomfortable cold, it is almost warming and it lasts for ages.

    I hope you carry on as successsfully as you have.

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