any ppl from essex?

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ive had this since i was five but unfort not copping very well with it now im 21 and have to work in the big wide world lol, my management dont reli seem to care so thought hearing about other young people mayb from my area going though same thing would help a great deal


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    I'm from Essex, but I guess the great thing about this forum is that it doesn't matter where you're from you can chat and get support from people all over the place.

    I'm nearly 23 and have had RA since I was 13. I volunteer for Arthritis Care's Young People's Project in the South of England which I find really helps me to keep a positive mental attitude and means I get to speak to lots of other young people with Arthritis.

    What sort of job do you? I work in an office in London and I'm really lucky that my manager is really understanding. I get to work from home if I get too tired and am encouraged to take rest breaks etc.. Have you spoken to people at work much about your RA?

    Take care,

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    I'm a dispenser and unfort I'm nt quite as lucky as u I've been refered to oci health my work st has still to be looked at I have a gr8 team manger but unfort only so much she can do as the main manger is very goal focused and it doesn't reli matter if I can't or will be in pain doing it she's wants it hard to get though to a person like that thanks for the reply hope ur well rachel x