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Suitable work?

seamonkeyseamonkey Posts: 323
Hi, does anyone have any ideas on what work i could do with Arthritis in spine? IVe had to give up childminding, and my caring and now manager at school says they prob wont use me as supply any more. All ive ever wanted to do was to work with children and i had just managed to achieve this in the past few years. I am willing to retrain and go back to college but some ideas would be great. Ill give you a brief list of probs,
My mobility isnt great and i use a crutch.
When ive been sitting for a while im very stiff and sore when getting up.
Due to mobility im a bit slower than i would like at doing things,
Im in pain all the time and towards tea time im very tired due to being in pain all day,
I have 4 kids at school and would need work in term time only as no one to have kids when not at school. I do have some positives im sure, its just hard to put finger on them at mo. :sad: Seamonkey


  • caterina57caterina57 Posts: 1,424
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    Seamonkey I do feel for you, and its really difficult for me to suggest what kind of work for you as I dont know you - but do know that you have really loved working with children. Also in this current climate jobs in any area are hard to get with many applicants fighting it out.

    Have you actually finished work yet? if so perhaps you ought to ask for an appointment with the disability advisor at the job centre,they may be able to help you and make some suggestions.

    Sorry if I dont seem to have helped very much, but I am struggling with work at the moment, I have cervical and lumber spondylosis O/A andO/A that is in my thumbs and wrist too(and my knee and hip are starting to play up) I have been off work for 9 weeks and have to go for a meeting tomorrow. I have been trying to get mobile but I am only managing a couple of hours before I am in agony so I am not sure about my working future either
    Good Luck though in whatever you choose
  • katie5katie5 Posts: 242
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    sorry i can't really help seamonkey, but I too have spondylosis and i work as a secretary. I sit typing for about 7 hours a day and its so painful. by the end of the day everything is burning and hurting and I can't straighten up. trouble is I love my job and don't want to stop but my boss will be retiring very soon and I don't know what to do - I don't want to carry on with all this pain but have no idea what I can do - everything seems to aggravate my back, shoulders and neck. so i'm really interested in what suggests come from your thread.

    sorry i couldn't help but i thank you for asking the question which I've been considering for sometime now.

    Katie x
  • seamonkeyseamonkey Posts: 323
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    Hi Cath and Katie,
    Thankyou for your posts. My doc has signed me off agian for a month and i cant go back untill she says. I have told work that if i get signed off again after that i will resign as its too much to expect them to cover my shift. Doc told me it will probly be some months untill i can consider going back to any work and that i should think about changing to something more suitable.
    Ive decided to just take some time out and have a breather.
    I have an appointment at citizens advice next month to see if im able to get any benefit untill i can start again.
    Im sorry to hear you are both struggling too. I couldnt imagine working 7hrs aday and coping with arthur! Im in awe of you that do.
    My eldest daughter has developed an eating disorder and i really hope it isnt because of me.
    Thanks again and all the best
  • katie5katie5 Posts: 242
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    hi seamonkey

    sorry to hear things are no better. please let us know how you get on at citizens advice.

    Please don't blame yourself for your daughters eating disorder - it is absolutely not your fault. I think all young girls go through this to some degree or other, i certain did myself and I can't blame it on anything other than feeling insecure about my future - just be there for her lots of hugs which i'm sure you do. hope this helps.

    take care of yourself

    Katie x
  • seamonkeyseamonkey Posts: 323
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    thanks again, my daughter is getting lots of hugs and positive comments to boost her self esteem, i too went through this at her age just not to the degree she has. It is painfull to watch how much she has changed in what seems like over night.
    I will let you know how citizens advice goes. Hopefully im due something and future wont look quite so bleak
    Hope you are having a good day today, if not take it easy and thanks again,
  • chris7chris7 Posts: 2,696
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi seamonkey

    Sorry things are still up in the air re work and am glad you have been signed off for some breathing space. I do know how hard it is to think about changing the type of work you are used too even when you kinda know you should. :???: I am wearing that particular tee shirt myself.
    Hope the CAB can at least give you some support re benefits and that you and your daughter are soon in better health. Hang in there.
  • katie5katie5 Posts: 242
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    hi seamonkey

    thought i would just ask how you are and i hope your daughter is ok too.

    Katie :smile:
  • artyarty Posts: 51
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    * are you creative? make a product or art piece or craft that you can sell online, that way you can work when it suits you. Maybe something aimed at children seeing as that is your field?

    * proof reading if your english is good? again, do it when it suits you

    * buying selling antiques online and out and about

    * write a childrens book

    Think outside the box.....Good luck and hope you find something, as I do believe that keeping ones mind busy helps with pain and keeps us as healthy as possible....

    Take Care

    Arty :)
    Hope today is a good day for you
  • seamonkeyseamonkey Posts: 323
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi all,
    thanks for your posts, and your suggestions about work. I know something will come up im just no good at waiting and seeing what happens. I have been offered more hours doing my evening job when doc says i can go back. THis is good news although obviously it means im home all day when kids at school then at work when theyre home. But work is work and i cant be picky.
    Katie, My daughter has picked up a bit. She saw a nurse who was great with her. We think she was desperate to lose weight for a school disco that was on friday. Shes only 11 which isso frightenenig. Since the disco her eating has been much better although far from perfect. Although the panic she feels at times is still there. She is seeing some one from mental health this week so i am hopefull that we may have caught it early. Unfortunatly the school has been very unhelpful.
    Thanks again t you all
  • katie5katie5 Posts: 242
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    hi seamonkey

    good news about the extra hours but don't over do it.

    glad to hear your daughter is feeling better - it sounds like you're on the right track getting help. its so difficult for young girls these days there's so much emphasis on how they look. hope it goes well with the mental health officer.

    hope you've had a good day

    katie x
  • seamonkeyseamonkey Posts: 323
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    thanks, im hoping the early help may intervene and sort things for he.
    Childhood seems to be getting shorter and shorter. At 11 i was still playing with my dolls. Thats probably why i went on to have 4 kids.
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