Pain whilst waiting for diagnosis - what can I do?

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My 12 yr old son has pain in his knees, hips, back and feet. We are waiting to see the rheumatolgist in March but this week he has severe pain in his back. Although he is on 375mg of Naproxen I have been to the doctors asking for help and I wondered wether I should take him to a walk in centre or something as he is constantly in pain. He hasn't had any xrays on hips or back although the paediatric consultant thinks he has! I just don't know what to do, please offer an opinion or if you had to do the same thing while waiting.
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    I was like you watching my daughter daily in pain which was gradually getting worse not better. I went back to the GP many times but he would only give me paracetamol and ibuprofen for her (she was 3 at the time) telling me he can't prescirbe anything stronger or different till she had been seen by the consultant. It was agonising watching her go down hill.

    I think it's up to you whether you take him to a walk in centre or a&e for me it wasn't an option as the paed rhuemy had just gone on maternity leave and they had no one in the hospital who could help (took month and a half after she had left before they replaced her) as soon as the new lady took over she read through notes on all the ones waiting and were called up to see her asap, I think my gp had also written an urgent letter after the original referal had been sent off.

    My daughter didn't have any x-rays, bloods or anything till we saw the consultant and we arrived there (1st December) had an hour long appointment then had to go back the next day for the morning for bloods, x-rays, photos (as she has nodules) etc and then within 10 days we were up Bristol hospital for them to assess her so we went for months with nothing then before christmas 5 hospital appointments one being a hossie that is 2 hours away. She was also given steroids through a drip (can't remember the name now) right before crimbo just to get her to a level she could actual open her presents which sadly it didn't do but the difference between no meds and being on MTX and Enbrel has been amazing and she was truly able to open presents and join in the fun this year.

    Good luck and I hope it's not to long to wait to see someone.

    Michelle xxx
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    Hi, I'm a mum too. Matthew was 18months when he was diagnosed. Please check out my Facebook forum. We really do keep in touch on here and I'm sure you'll find much of what you experience as a family is in common with many of our stories. Bets wishes. Lindsey X!/group.php?gid=12131682883