Swaying Palms

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Don't be taken in by romantic pictures of palm trees We have been pruning our's today and they are the most vicious plants you could meet The last few fronds on each branch are like daggers.Some just prick you and others inject you with something that stings for hours.
A few years ago Ceri thought she had arthritis She could hardly walk with a pain in her hip and limped along for about 3 weeks One day in the shower she looked at her foot and a piece of palm about 1/2 a centimetre long popped out No more hip pain.


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    Gosh Tones I would never have thought they could be dangerous, thank goodness she spotted it in her foot.
    You learn something new every day,we have lost the small palm we had ,it dropped to minus 15 here in the north west .
    Hope your new hip is behaving
    Barbara x
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    Are you sure they're palms :?: They sound more like Triffids to me :!: :shock:

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    That sounds evil Tone

    Here in Cannock all the palms around and about (there are a few of course not many :wink: ) seem to have died with the frosts before christmas.

    Shame isn't it?

    Hope you got yours done ok.


    toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    We were in Jamaica a couple of years ago, walking past a palm tree near our cottage when it suddenly decided to drop one of it's massive massive leaves. Missed our heads by a few inches... So yes they are blo*dee dangerous!!

    Palm trees in Cannock?? Gosh I'd never have thought it! Hehee