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I am Avril from Fife I am 38yrs and was diagnosed with Fibrom last year and still finding it hard to cope and adapt to a different life. Everytime I get a flare up the pain seems worse and they are also looking into the fact that I may have Irritable bowel/bladder. I have high blood presure also and depression and not coping at all. I am a council carer and looking after people that are in better health and on less tablets than myself.
Anyone want a chat, be nice to get some support.



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    Hi Avril, nice to meet you. I have osteo arthur and possibly sero negative too, jury is out on that one.. Lol
    There are a few fibro's on here though.... Check out the chit chat section for some light hearted fun, the living with section is great for any arthritis type advice/help etc...
    We are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch...

    Be well hun, see you around the forum
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    Hi Avril,
    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you are struggling so much. It can be very quiet on here at weekends so keep looking in and I am sure someone will more experience with Fibro will be along soon.
    I do hope you get your results soon on the irritable bowl syndrome. Sometimes it helps to know what you are up against.
    Have a look around the site and join in anytime they are a friendly lot on here.
    If you want to ask any questions post on the Living with Arthritis forum. The helpline team is very helpful if you want to ring them between Mondays and Fridays.
    The chitchat forum is a place to relax and join in the banter; you will be made very welcome.
    Nice to meet you,
    Lv, Ix
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    Hi Avril,

    Nice to meet you but not under the circumstances that brings us to this site. I have fibro too! aswell as OA, it is hard isnt it. I was diagnosed in june with fibro but realise i had had it for 2 years. Irritable bowel and depression are part of the symptoms of fibro have you been given any leaflets about it?
    There are other fibro sufferers with more experience who will be along soon. We are a very friendly bunch on here and we do understand the pain and what you are going through. Feel free to ask me anything i will do my best to help.
    Sorry to hear your in this and i hope things are not too bad at the mo.
    Rose x
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    Hi Avril

    Good to meet you. l am in staffordshire, but my sister is up your way - in dairsie. Near dundee.

    There are loads of lovely peopel on here to chat to please just join in you will be made totally welcome.


    Toni xx
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sure that you will find the support you need from fellow fibro people. I don't have it (yet) but there are many on here that do. You will find them on the LWA forum, if you post there I am sure you will get some replies - not so many people look in on here. I wish you well. DD

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