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Hello everyone, my name's Kumar and im 28 years old. I was in a car accident when i was 18 and damaged my knees. Over the years, i've noticed my knees get worse and i suppose im a bit in denial about getting OA and im terrified about what the future holds. Over the next few years i need to start really preparing for what will be a pretty big change of lifestyle and attitude and i feel that emotionally and psychologically, i am struggling to deal with things. Although things are not terrible physically at the moment, I hope that talking to people about it will help me (i usually bottle all my emotions up) and I really hope that some day I will be able to help people on here myself. Thanks, and i look forward to getting to know you. Wishing you a painfree day, Kumar


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    Hi Kumar,
    Welcome to the forum, they are a lovely supportive group of people here and I'm so glad I found it, although the common factor of Arthur is so hard.
    I don't have OA but PA, there are lots of OAers on here but I'm sure we can all sympathise with the drastic change Arthritis forces on us.
    Hope to see you posting soon, all the best Poppy x
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    Hi Poppy,

    Thanks for the lovely welcome! I suppose that today is the day that I've finally admitted to myself that this is something i can't deal with on my own. Really great to hear that this forum is so supportive. Look forward to not feeling alone anymore! Take care x
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    You have come to the right place Kumar..
    You will never be alone on this site..
    There are a good mixture of people who are always willing to help and support you..
    I have oa in my knees, but i do not suffer too much at the moment.. i have RA everywhere else lol...
    I know it can take a while to get your head around things,my diagnosis was only few weeks ago so am quite new to it myself..
    You not on your own though, and you've come to the right place..
    Look forward to seeing you around..
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    Hi Kumar, welcome from me too, as a fellow knee sufferer you have my total understanding... My knees are particularly bad at the minute too...
    This is a great site though, we are all in similar boats to one and other, and there are some lovely people on here willing to give help/advice/lend an ear etc..
    So, hope to see you posting soon...

    You'll be part of a great online family in no time...
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    Hi kumar

    very pleased to meet you and welcome to the forums from me :smile:

    Sorry about the knees, but glad you found us.

    You wont get anyone saying 'arthritis? you are too young' on here!!!!

    Hope to see you on the forums.


    toni xx
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    Thanks everyone! And thanks for that comment toni, i've been in situations where i mention to people about my knees and they just look at me like i've gone mad because i'm young! I suppose I generally try to to avoid showing obvious signs of it but that's not easy when going down stairs!
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    If you are owt like me, going downstairs is harder then going up them :roll: :lol:

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