Young people with OA in knees?

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Hello all, my name is Kumar, i'm 28 years old and new to this forum. I was in a severe car accident when i was younger and the cartilage in my knees are really starting to thin. I know that OA in my knees is something i will have to learn to deal with over the next few years and was just wondering if there were any young people out there with OA in their knees. Would like to hear about yout experiences and share thoughts with you.


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    Nobody at all out there....???????
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    From reading various posts on here I would say that OA is rarer in younger people compared to the auto-immune versions of this rubbish, so young taz, how about you try posting again on the LWA forum (living with arthritis)? I reckon you will get some replies then. I wish you well. DD (an aged crone of 52 with PA)
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I am now 21 but was diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee and 2 of my fingers when i was 12. i was put on cruches for nearly 3 months then had a steroid injection in my knee. I had the odd few flare ups but nothing too bad but i always found it was worse when i was stressed. When i sat my GCSE's i had another 2 injections and several flare ups but since then I have been fine. It doesnt really stop me doing much I just have to be a bit careful.
    I have just been told I have it in both wrists though so i can't put weight on my wrists at the moment but am having an mri next month then them injected and go from there.
    Hope this helps