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Hi all,
hope you're all as well as can be, it won't be long till spring so I think we've turned a corner weather wise, I have daffs and crocus coming up in my garden which I can see from the kitchen window so that always makes me feel better. Anyway, to the light box, all I can say is,, why didn't I buy one a long time ago, it's made such a difference in such a short time ( 5 days ), so different from a week ago when I was in tears. Several people have asked me what I'm on because I'm so different. It's smaller than an i-*** computer and very portable, you could take it anywhere with you, e.g. visiting friends/family etc. If anyone wants details they can pm me. Also I saw the doc about my stomach problem and she said I could stil take motilium when I'm on anti-biotics or at any other time if I'm having problems. I wish they would explain properly when they prescribe meds, it would have saved me a week of feeling rough and a trip to the surgery (different doc prescribed them) still I'm feeling better now and that's all that counts.

Sue x


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    I am so pleased to hear that the light box has made a difference - that is some good news with which to start the week on AC. As for why you didn't buy one before I can think of two good reasons: cost (they were hugely expensive when they first appeared) and scepticism - why on earth would such a thing work? Unlike so many devices and 'treatments' I think light boxes have proved their worth - they may not work for everyone but I think they do have a positive impact for the majority. As for the doctor, well I guess they cannot remember everything about every drug and every patient, even though we think they should as we remember things about them (but then they number one, and their patients number in the hundreds!) At least you are sorted out now and that is, most definitely, a good thing. I wish you well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Morning sue

    I was wondering about the light, I was telling oh that someone one the forum had ordered one. (couldn't remember who, was gonna look back)
    I am so glad that you have updated us and that it is working for you. I feel a big difference when I am able to sit in conservatory. In here (the living room) I have the lights on most of the day at the moment and yes, it is depressing.
    Glad you are feeling much better.
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    That is great news, I am really pleased it has worked for you and so quickly!!
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    Hi Sue,

    Really glad the box has helped you. lack of light is horrible and my step mothers mother has sworn by hers for many years. That kinda implies the effects don't ware off either.

    There seems to be a big muddle in what tablets can be used with what. Packets say one thing doctors say another and a different doctor says something completely different. Add in the pharmacist and you really can get a lot of different ideas. I don't know why there isn't a standard as such but with a bit of luck you will soon be off the antibiotic and feeling a lot better stomach wise as well. Glad you are finding some help now as well. Cris x
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    Hi Sue
    I was wondering how you were, I am so glad the light box has made such a difference .
    How clever that someone saw the connection with not getting enough sunlight, I do hope you continue to feel better, please keep us updated from time to time.
    Take care
    Barbara x
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    Oh Sue

    that si great news I am so so pleased. i expect I told you my Sis has one of these and it was the best investment she ever made.

    I am thrilled that it has made such a quick difference to your mood.

    Thanks for letting us know


    Toni xx