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Hi everyone.
Well I was up bright and early to take my meds and get ready for my Hydrotherapy appointment this morning. At 8.00 the hospital phoned to cancel - and have now rescheduled for next Monday. I am really disappointed as I was really looking forward to it, It meant that I also had to swap things round with work and have arranged to work 1-5 today, I can't change it back as I have made appointments with people for the afternoon.
This is the second appointment I have cancelled in as many weeks - my appointment with the Advice Centre to fill in DLA forms was also cancelled and rescheduled for this Wednesday which means two afternoons of working - resulting in long days for me.


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    Oh how frustrating! (And you didn't forget your name, it always shows up to the side.) Let's hope the re-scheduled appointments do go ahead as planned, and make sure you rest as much as you can before and after work (and possible even during! :smile: ) DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Yes will try to rest a bit this morning- might even go back to bed for an hour, Busy afternoon though, doing assessments and reviews, which means a bit of walking I am afraid - hey ho I'll just have to take my time!
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    Morning Cath
    Oh no.....Both frustrating and inconvenient.
    It isn't easy going back to bed when you are all syked up, you probably wont rest.
    Hey......go fill the bath with bubbles and do some excersises in there.

    I can imagine your disappointment, hydro pools are lovely and do help.
    I hope you get there next week.
    Hope this afternoon isn't too stressful at your meetings
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    I can just imagine your disappointment, that would have been a lovely start to the week!!!
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    Hi Cath,

    Sorry it was cancelled for you today. I wonder if they could arrange it around your work times if you asked them? Might be they v=can only do mornings mind but could be worth asking them.

    Fingers crossed this week will be easier than the last one and that they will see you next Monday as planed. Cris xx
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    Hi cath sorry to hear about your appointment. . Not fair all the messing about. . Only short message as not too good today just checking in on how you and others are. Take care. Speak soon. X
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    Oh Cath sorry this has happened...these cancellations seem to be the norm now, like someone said can you not ring and see if they can fit it round your has cheeky as they are.
    Good Luck
    Barbara xx