Thank you so much

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Morning everyone
I just want to say thankyou so much for responding to dreamdaisys thread
Julie47 lost sparkle.
I have read your replies and they are lovely they really touhed me.
I have responded on that thread. So I won't repeat myself (a habit I now have taken up according to some family :lol: could be because I am now 48) :lol:
Thankyou all again
Juliepf x (the sparkle is pushing through) :smile:


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    Julie, I’m with you. When my younger son got married I was focused on melting into the background as much as possible. It isn’t easy when your feet, clad in surgical ‘boxes’ stick out sideways, your bottom sticks out backwards, your fingers are like individual corkscrews and your walk has all the elegance of an elephant on heat. To complicate things the church seats were of the ancient, low variety so I had to be hauled out with a sideways twist, a move which always causes my husband to grunt loudly as if it is, indeed, a large elephant he’s trying to raise.

    I had a ball. Apart from the latter manoeuvre I was never the centre of attention. I just had a lovely day with some really interesting people. As your family quite rightly say, they’ll ‘see you, not the disability’. And you are a great person so you’ve absolutely nothing to fear there. I hope, with confidence, that you’ll really enjoy it.
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    Thank you sticky

    juliepf xx
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    Hi Julie,

    Oh flower thanks are not necessary and it was nice to have a chance to give back to you some support you are so good at giving the forum.

    Pending surgery can be worrying but pending spinal surgery has special worries attached to it because of the cord and nerves. its not surprising it sits on you at times. That's will be ok though and you will feel benefits from it fairly quickly as well.

    Any luck on that collar? still got 2 you can have :wink:

    Any condition is bad for self esteem but you are going to look wonderful and your going to enjoy it so much. You'll see.

    Have had a quiet word with the flamingo's and they now will only peck you when you need it.... or so they aid... can you trust them? You can't dogs... or cats... or sheep... or chicken...... etc :lol::lol:

    Leaving you more fortitude, stamina and strength buckets and a ((((( ))))) love Cris xx
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    Hi Julie
    I am so pleased to see you back. xx You are so deserving of the posts of support, as you are a fabulous suppoirt to so many, me included! :wink:
    I am sure the `cloud` of surgery is making you feel unsettled and rightly so, but as Cris said try to focus on the benefits you will feel afterwards.
    As for the wedding, I am sure you will have a ball, and totally understand your anxieties about how people will percieve you etc.. but am sure your usual sparkle will overshine the murkiness of arthur!!
    (((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))) more available as needed xx