Whats With The Kenny Dalgeish Pic?

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Hi All

Um can anyone else explain to me why AC has drafted in Liverpool Manager on their home page under title "Pain and Depression".......???I mean has it got so bad that he's got to do this kind of work, or is it the pressure of the job that's made him cracK???

Seriously check it out the guy's a dead ringer (not for love) !!!!!.......




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    Hi tinkerbelle

    Yeah not doing bad, just had walk to post office to tax car with £85 of change to put towards it, they loved me!!!
    The wound is okay but nah dont rate that health care scheme.....Is there not a rainbow one for me?
    Diet okay have found Alpro natural yogurt with blueberries a good pudding but why does the balsted thing go all lumpy and resemble porridge after one usage? Soya products n diet ones they get it so wrong...Had a lemon slice also which was Good For You and no ****ing wonder it was the size of my pinky!!!!!!