I'm back!!!

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HI,I hope that everyone is as well as they can beand here i am again, a bit low but ready to carry on. I've had a sort of flu type bug that wont go and its driving me mad! Also I've had so many hospital appointments that I thought I should take my bed! :wink:
I do feel a bit fed up and don't want to do much and my aches and pains seem to be going round in circles! Last week I went to: Neuro twice, the hand clinic in plastic surgery, and my own GP. Also had to take my husband to have a mole looked at, which has to come off, but they think its innocent. I hope they are right. I'm so tired and my nerves seem shoot to pieces. We also had an emergancy visit to the Docs, when my husband , pruning one of the trees, got wood in his eye and scratched the cornia. He was lucky, it missed thd the lens, but had to have it cleaned and antibiotics!!! I think thats all!
Love Sue


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    Nice to have you back sue, we have all been a bit worried about you. Sorry you and the OH are not having such a good time at the moment, hope things get better soon
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    Hi Sue
    Sorry all these things have happened at once, like they say it never rains...but pours..thank goodness your OH got away with just a scratch, I do hope you feel better very soon.
    You take care of yourself
    Barbara xx
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    Hi sue
    Glad to see you posting again.
    Sorry you have had the dreaded flu bug, it can knock you for 6. And it sounds as though you have been busy with appointments amongst other things.
    I am glad your husbands eye is ok, and that he got it sorted quickly.
    Hope things strart to improve for you,
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hi Sue

    We were worried about you as you had not been on the forum and a thread was started asking if anyone had heard from you. We worry a little, you know, when the regulars suddenly stop posting for a while. :smile:

    Sorry to hear you are a bit down but not surprising when you have had this bug you cannot shake off, attending many appointments and your husband getting into mischief and harming himself.

    Look after yourself
    Elna x
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    good to see you back even if you haven't had such a great time whiel you've not been on.

    Sounds like your husband has been in the wars as well as you.

    Elna is right we did have a thread for you - if you look down you will find it

    see we missed you :grin:


    toni xx
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    HI Sue

    good to see you posting even if you've been having a real old time of it just lately :eek:

    hope that things start to settle down for you now, and you can look forward to spring coming and the days getting longer and lighter :smile:

    hugs & so pleased to see you posting
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    Hi Sue i hope things settle down for you abit and you can get some relaxing rest xx
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Oh dear woodbon, I think we can all empathise with the never-ending circles of appointments, pain and frustration, we're all in it one way and another! It's nice to have you back, keep in touch because if we don't know what's going on we can't help - and helping is one of the greatest strengths of this forum, well, that's what I think. DD
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    Hi, Thank you all so much for worrying and I'm very sorry not to have dropped you all a line. It was so tiring everything happening at once and so many different things to remember! Its a wonder I didn't turn up at the wrong place and wrong time, but I just about managed!!! :wink:
    I feel so tired now but, at least most of the people I saw were kind and helpful.
    The Gynecologist arranged a second ultra sound to see if the cyst had changed, and they did that the next day, they say its the same size, which, I hope is good. :smile: Now I've got to find out what they want to do, if anything. As most of my pain is from my neck, so hes referring me on. I feel like one of those people with Munchhousen (sorry, spelling must wong!)
    Enough of self pity, doom and gloom! Thank you all and hope we all get some nice spring weather soon to help!!! :smile:
    Sorry to write so much, Lots of love Sue.xxx
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    no appologioes needed - so long as you are ok :grin:

    I do hope you see someone with your neck sooner rather than later. A fair few of us have neck isssues - it is pretty awful sin't it?

    Glad that cyst is behaving :wink:


    toni xx
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    Hi Sue,

    Sorry I missed this yesterday but so good to see you back. Course we worry, its what we do.

    I am sorry you and your oh have had so much to contend with and think you are allowed some self pity as well as need a ((((( ))))) and a hope they will sort something for your neck.

    Hey its not munchausen all it unfortunately very real and the bone thing is an evil enemy who's sting in the tail is you think its in your head! Hope they wont keep you waiting too long. Love and another (((( )))) Cris xx
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    Hi Sue

    Good to see you back but sorry to see everything has been a bit overwhelming lately to put it mildly! No wonder you are exhausted with it all. Really hope things improve for you soon and that things seem a little brighter. Take care of yourself.
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    Hi Sue,

    Nice to see you back on the forum, and I hope everything improves for you and your OH very soon.

    Pheebs x
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    Hi Sue,

    It is good to have you back we have missed you. Sorry that I'm late on your thread but I've been a bit wrapped up in myself :oops:

    Hope you get some relief from your neck pain very soon.
    Love, Legs x
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