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After much probing and eventually a local anaesthetic to let her near the tooth the lovely Claudia has discovered that the tooth has a big hairline crack and is unsavable.She HAS prescribed antibiotics but I have yet to find out if it is a matter of routine here in Spain or because I have the new hip.Please find the time to fit in my pocket on Friday morning 10.30 our time 9.30 your time when the deed will be done.At least the awful pain when a bit off food strays across the mouth will be over :smile::smile::smile:


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    The date is in my diary .... But I have a fear of dentists so if its ok I'll just wait outside for you!
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    Hi Tones
    I will be in your pocket on |Friday.....dont you worry ...just think.... that awful pain will be gone very went through your THR no trouble....dont forget to bring the tooth home to put under your pillow :smile:
    Barbara xx
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    Oh Hi Tony,
    I hope the AB’s help to ease things for you. If the tooth is cracked then it’s for the best to be rid of it. I will be there on Friday and I will bring soup for latter.
    Good luck,
    Lv, Ix
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    **** soup Bring some pork scratchings Let's live a bit dangerously :evil :evil :evil :evil
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    Good luck on Friday, you will be far better off without that fang. Compared to having your hip replaced whilst concious this will be a doddle - far quicker, far easier, you will be in and out in no time. I will be thinking of you. DD
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    Just spotted this, morning Tones, will be there reporting for said duties, I don't mind the dentists at all so will take your place if you like.. I certainly have no fear of needles :lol:

    Best of luck and good riddance to the tooth :grin:
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    Hi tonesp
    Will be in your pocket on friday

    Will you take us all to the beach after plllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaasseeeeeee.

    juliepf x
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    Ooooh Tone

    I will be there for you, but looking the other way for the needles :shock:

    sorry the tooth can't be saved :sad:


    toni xx
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    Hi Tone.
    i'll be there for you i went last week it will soon be over.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx