Starting again! - WARNING - long!

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Hello people, well its been awhile since I've been on here so need to update you all.

Last time I posted I was just about to get steroid injections in my hips and I got to say it was a major improvement. I was so happy with it! as soon as it finished I was told to rest but I was so glad to move "normal" I was walking the wards. I was told that it would get worse again but hopefully the methotrexate would take over and I was happy with the fact I could reduce the steroid prednisolone because I put on 2 stone in a month! lol (I was hungry) BUT it got worse again luckily only on the left hip and I was gutted the methotrexate wasn't working. I had to up my steroids again!, which made me frustrated because it took me 3 months to reduce them.

I went back to the rhematologist and she told me I was getting another steroid injection in my hip and changing the strength of methotrexate to 25mg and changing it to a injection. It was ok the steroid injection didn't last as long this time and the methotrexate was working so started reducing the steroids again BUT again it flared up and again upped my steroids >:( - starting again!.

Now I'm starting another drug with my methotrexate which is a Anti-TNF on friday and changing my methotraxte back to tablets since they hasn't been much difference. Today I'm in major pain I had to send myself home from work and took the week off! I hope these Anti-TNFs work! I'm just wanting to take it out my frustration on something! so this is reason I'm back on here.

Thanks for reading! :)



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    Hi Dan,

    Feel free to let it out here.

    I've been on anti-tnf for 5 years (enbrel) and it worked brilliantly for me when like yourself nothing other than steriods really worked. Now 5 years down the line i've not being doing so good so they are switching me to another Anti-TNF Humeria in the next few weeks so i'll be extatic if i get another 5 years out of that.

    It's so frustrating at first trying to get something that works for you, but you'll find something.

    Let us know how you get on.
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    Hi, I'm Stephanie & I'm 18 with JIA.
    Make sure you let us know how you get on with your new meds
    Good luck & take care
    Steph xxxxx
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    Thanks clairy and stephiey!

    I will let you know how I get on...actually I'm sick of waiting until Friday. I took my pain killers yesterday and slept from 4am until 9pm! and today I walked to the doctors. The pain became unbearable so I had to keep stopping! but I made it back home. I phoned my rheumatologist if I can increase my steroids again to reduce the inflammation so I'll find out later if I can.

    Nice to meet you both.