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I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis been having treatment since then, My consultant has now retired and i have a new one, I have seen him a couple of times and because he has seen no swelling he has now taken me off everything except pain killers and lodine. for the first time in over 5 years i had to have 22 days off work due to painful joints and swelling, my GP saw the problem I was having, however I realy dont think my new consultant belives me and I dont know were to turn, please help


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    Hi Amanda
    So sorry that you are having this trouble, I do not have your kind of arthritis but plenty of my friends on here do, If you post this on the living with arthritis forum I am sure that they will be able to give you some support and advice
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    Hi Amanda,
    Welcome to the forum, sorry you have PA, I've been suffering for a year with PA, am on meth, Sulfa and about to start Humira and I do know the pain, swelling a general suffering you are going through, you have my sympathies.
    I would go back to your GP and say that you would like to be referred to another Rheumatologist. You are perfectly within your rights, explain as diplomatically as you can to your GP the problem and hopefully it will be sorted out soon. Meanwhile, do you gave a Rheumy nurse you can contact? ask for an emergency appt so that she can see the swelling and she may well be able to arrange treatment.
    All the best Poppy X
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    Dear Amanda,

    Welcome to Helplines. First of all do know that you are welcome to ring us on the freephone if you'd like to go over the siutuation confidentially.

    It sounds as though other forum members are already coming up with excellent support and suggestions. What you do will, I'd imagine, depend on issues that others may not yet be aware of, and what you feel is right for you.

    From the rheumatology point of view I wonder what evidence was swaying them in the past? Did your inflammatory blood results never look very high? Or was it just about the lack of swelling?

    What were your feelings about the effectiveness dmard (disease modifying drug) that you had been taking? Would you have liked to discuss changing to a different drug instead?

    When you were seeing the new rheumatologist did they listen to you much? Did you say much? Did you have anyone with you to help you ask questions? Because that must have been a very difficult situation.

    If you'd like to go over all of this and build up some ideas for how to proceed, please do feel free to ring us.

    If you prefer to chat on here with us instead, then we are happy to help.

    all the best