Hello from a newbie parent!!

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Hello there, new to the site, my 2yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with Polyarticular JIA, currently affecting 8 joints. Actually feel very lucky to have got a very quick diagnosis and to the doctors at Frimley park we are grateful. Now under the care of Oxparc team in oxford. Look forward to getting some good advice and support as we make our way through this mindfield of info and drugs. Had steroid injections just 1 week after diagnosis and start predisolone and mtx treatment on 11th March. The change is amazing already and to see her running about today was a joy. Here's to our new adventure xx


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    Welcome to the site hun, so sorry that you have had to find us for your poor child, I sincerely hope the treatments are good for her...

    I know there is a parents section on here and if they are anything likethe people in the other sections they will make you very welcome.
    I have a different set of problems of course so won't even attempt to advise :lol:

    If you ever want to chat about things other than this horrible disease, the chit chat section is a good place to be..

    Best wishes to you both :grin:
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