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Hi all - newbie here to the forum. :) Quick intro, I'm 36 and have had SA for about 5 or 6 years. The rheumatologist tried several different drugs to bring it under control, sulphasalazine (which caused my ALTs in my liver to go mental) and then methotrexate which I didn't get on with.

I'm also epileptic, had that since 1994, but luckily it's under control with epilim chrono and I even recently got my full drivers license back (no longer a 3yr medically restricted one) - yay!

My SA has only affected two finger joints of my hand (left index and right middle) - unfortunately my left index has suffered a complete Swan Neck Deformity and will need surgery to fix. :(:( My right middle finger knuckle was badly swollen but luckily I was introduced to humira last year (September) and although the injection is a horrible pain (takes me ages to convince myself to press the plunger!), within 3 days of the first one the swelling was going down on my middle finger knuckle and around the damaged left index finger.

I've been taking the humira since then and it's been great at keeping the SA at bay; just have to keep finding new ways to make the injection nicer!



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    Hello Frank

    Welcome to the forum. I hope things arent too bad for you. The forum is great and very welcoming. There are lots of people here with all different types of arthur and we all have a laugh as well as a moan about the current ailments or meds.

    Chit-Chat is a good place to go to have a laugh and to chat about most things.

    Just join in with any of the threads.

    I have OA of the spine so I dont know what you are going through but I hope things arent too much of a struggle for you.

    Hope to see you around
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    Hi Frank, welcome from me too Rkid, hope you're not suffering tonight..

    I am another osteo one, so on totally different meds, but I hope the injections get easier for you....

    Be well, join in whenever you want..

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