Bone erosion v/s OA :-)

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Hi helpline folk,

I was just wondering .... I has a ton of extra bone growth from the oa, which is actually helping in part where my spine is concerned as its sort of made a bit more stable even if its fused it a bit.

I got pa that is causing erosion to the wrists for sure cus they have been x rayed now and I got it slugging it out with the oa in the spine and neck... who knows which will win but actually I am fighting as well so all bets are off :wink:

What i really was wondering was is it possible that the pa can do a bit of erosion to the extra bone growth or will it just go for the joint its self?

See i know they tell me I have lips, fins and something else in the lumber and starting in the neck and some f it is helpful... some isn't.... shame its not possible to direct the erosion eh? But extra growth is it ossification that becomes 'real' bone or not?

Got another question but will email that one.

hope your all keeping well and just wondering about the erosion thing... as you do :wink:

take care



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    Hi Cris,

    Blimey, there's no chance of us getting complacent here at Helpline Mansions with skezier keeping us on our eroded toes! Um... this is all (not very) educated guesswork, but the pa is more likely to do its erosive worst in the joints of wrists and feet and not so likely to erode bone in the neck. So in the oa/pa slugfest that's going on in your spine the oa would be favourite to win on points. As far as I can make out after my exhaustive research, the bony growths on your spine are proper bone. It is a real shame that you can't target the erosion to the bits with extra bone, but there's probably someone in a lab somewhere working on it.

    Hope you're doing ok, Cris
    Take care
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    Oh the mental images in that reply! Eroded toes, Helpline Mansions (does it look like the spooky house in Psycho? Or is it more like a luxurious villa in the south of France?) and the PA/OA slugfest - two sweaty, grunting heavywieght boxers stumbling round a ring - oh what a gloriously worded answer Paul, thank you! On a serious note, I found it informative and I am sure skezier will as well.

    It has also given rise to further thoughts, so I am off to post a question through your rusty letterbox. DD
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    Hi Paul,

    Sounds educated to me :wink: I guess my pa is true to form than cus its got a fair hold in the wrists and feet but its a bit adventurous eh?! :lol:

    You kinda answered the other question to a degree as well :grin: I got a new thing now..... the oa has the lower ribs where they attach to the spine, the pa seems to be playing in the top 4, sternum and collar bones. I was slightly concerned it was likely to erode the ribs and well it sounds like it probably wont :grin: Wont hold anyone to that but hopes are important here and there :lol:

    Its making the rib cage a lot less springy and that kinda effects breathing, kinda hurts at present but only if you exert your self........ You can guess my fear on that can't you? The doc put it all down to arthritis but was also on about the conductive tissues..... my anat and phys is so long ago i thinking does that include the diaphragm :lol:

    I seem to remember I need that :wink:

    Am off the mtx just now but could well get the jabs after all :grin: See i knew a roted stomach would help me one day......

    Oh one other thing....

    If i thought of the pa as a kind of navicular would it be too far off? With that the bone gets pitted, misshaped and rough so anything that runs over it is hurt or actually cut. Or is the bone actually being removed with erosion? You have to keep it simple though cus I have this automatic cut off if it gets too scary :wink:

    Go rest those eroded toes and many thanks you kinda put my mind at ease over the rib thing as well.

    Take care

    Cris who will not let the oa know its the winner just yet :wink: