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I've been reading through some of the threads on this forum and I'm really pleased I've found it! I was told on Monday that I have a form of Arthur but more tests are required to find out which of the many forms I have. So it's really early days for me. Compared to the difficulties some of you guys face, I'm feeling rather humble to be honest, as I only have one knee affected (at the moment). But it's still a shock isn't it! I'm trying to focus on the things I can do rather than the things I can't but it's hard of course. I'm really glad I've found you though.



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    One knee is still one too many. Welcome and I am glad you found us. It took me 13 years - mind you lacking a computer didn't help! :smile: This is a wonderful place for information and support: LWA is the drugs/treatment/side effects questions etc as well as a place to rant, the rest are self-explanatory. I hope you enjoy looking round and that you learn some useful stuff! DD
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    Hi Susie..

    Welcome to the forum..
    I am still fairly new to arthur.. so i know how daunting it can be..
    They are a great bunch of people on here..and they can understand, that i think is important in keeping us sane lol..
    Look forward to seeing you around..
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    Hi Susie, welcome from me too..
    I hope that you are not suffering too much tonight, and that you can stick to it being just one knee for a long time :grin::grin:

    Be well hun

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    Thanks for your kind words of welcome!
    I was in more pain this morning when I got up and reading your posts really cheered me up, good to know you're there

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    Hello from me to,we are always here to listen and help when we can.
    It can lift your spirits and help take your mind off things when you visit other parts of the forum especially the chit chat forum.

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    Hi Susie

    welcome to the forums from me :grin:
    I am sorry you have poorly knee and hope they get to teh bottom of it very quickly so you can get the treatment you need to help.

    I hope you find the forums as helpful and supportive as l do and to see you on the other forums posting soon.


    toni xx
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    Hi susie,
    Welcome from me too, the forum is a great place for all sorts of things, gaining information, getting suggestions and advice, moaning and knowing that some one is 'listening'.
    Hope today your knee isnt too bad, you seem to be coping very well with your diagnosis, better than i did any way! :grin: