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:smile: hi my name is dawn and i have just joined ive been diagnosed with ra for nearly a year now and still finding it hard to deal with i hope on joining this site i can meet some new people and share troubles and advice.


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    Hi Dawn, I'm pretty new here too so just thought I'd say hello. I was diagnosed with RA in December after a painful few months and am still struggling myself, really annoying isn't it?

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hi!
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    It is hard to deal with, the impact is enormous. I don't have RA, my version is PA (it's similar but with the added bonus of trashy skin, in my case that is an occasional problem). PAers take the same meds as RAers tho - you name it I have probably tried it (apart from hydroxy). We are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch on here and we do understand what it is like. It's nice to meet you but I am sad you had to find us. I wish you well and I look forward to seeing your name on the forums. DD
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    Hi Dawn..

    Welcome to the forum.. :smile:
    I have recently been diagnosed with RA & OA..
    It can be very daunting and overwhelming at times i think that happens to us all..Here is a great place for advice, for you to be able to say how you feel and for people to understand... You can also have a good laugh by just general chit chat, there are quite a few people who make me chuckle lol.. nice to have a smile put on my face...
    Look forward to seeing you around...
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    hi, thanks for the warm welcome, its nice to be able to talk to people that have the same as me but more importantly know how youre feeling,the impact of drugs you are given can be over whelming and i find my doc,nurse and the rhuemy nurse dont realise that sometimes.im sick of tablets,sick of docs and sick of ra lol.....but as ive been told its here to stay so i have to adjust!! hope your all well today or as well as you can bexx
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    Morning Dawn.. (sounds like a song coming on :shock: :lol::wink: ) Welcome from me too.. Hope things aren't too bad for you today..

    The site really is great, people understand everything you are going through, there is always some knowledgable soul around for advice etc.. And every now and then some laid back bloke with a good sense of humour comes along and makes you laugh.. (pssst, let me know when he gets here? :shock: :lol: )

    Catch you soon

    Be well

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    Hi there & welcome. :smile:
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    Welcome to the group...see you around the site.
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    A belated "hello" and "welcome" from me too Dawn (late for everything, that's me :roll: ).

    I too have had RA (for almost 16 years now) and it is so hard to get your head round. Hopefully though, now you have found us, you won't feel so alone with it. I only wish the forum had been around when I was first diagnosed.

    You've probably sussed by now that Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum is best place to post arthritis related stuff cos most of us look there regularly and the Chit-Chat forum is for the more light-hearted stuff. (Sorry if I am repeating what has already been said).

    Love Tilly xxx
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    hi dawn

    just want to say hello - hope you're feeling ok today. you'll find everyone very supportive and the advice is priceless.

    take care

    Katie x