im too trusting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what an idiot i am to believe my deputy manager!!!!i could kick myself!!! due to return to work on tuesday....i had a meeting a few weeks back and was assured i could do cashier job for 8 weeks then if i couldnt get back to full sales roll i could continue as cashier and other light duties would be found.......well i popped in today and was told i was allowed to be cashier for 6 weeks and would have to try sales role in that time. if im unable to i will be sacked!!!!!i just dont know what to do,on the one hand i want to go in and tell them to get stuffed(using better words than that!) and to stick their job OR do i stick out the 6 weeks and cause them more work and expense in sacking me?

ive never been sacked im so upset over it and once again feel stressed by it all,i said i have a disability its not going to suddenly get better in six weeks like a twisted ankle!he more or less said theres no place for me or someone with my problem!(only he worded it different but the meaning was the same) :sad: :x :x


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    It's awful when work are not understanding..
    Do you have a union rep or another source of representative?
    You should have recieved a letter about your meeting stating what was said , did you get a copy?? If not then and there was noone else there then thay could say they never agreed to the 8 week?? It's not a nice situation to be in..
    Have you tried talking to the CAB or ACAS(employment issues) they may be able to offer you some better advice..
    Let me know how you get on.. hopefully things can be sorted..
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    What a horrid situation this is for you, i'm sorry that your employers are not being as helpful as originally promised. I found this leaflet on the internet;

    it has all the addresses and contact info for CAB, Dept of work/pensions, diasability alliance and lots of other places to get advice. The disability discrimintation act is there to protect us and i cant imagine this company can sack you purely on the basis of your disability.

    and as traluvie says make sure you get everything in writing - unfortunately if things dont work out as you would like its nice to have things that you can refer back to in writing rather than trusting any sory of verbal contract.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on,


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    Hiya Kat ,
    couldn't agree more with the above posts , and love the last one , read the ARC link's one i didn't know and very "on the ball"

    You definitely need specialist advice either from a union or an advice centre .
    ACAS is a very good start .. ring them up and get some ideas ......08457 47 47 47 M-F 8-8 and Sat 9-1pm (if you haven't a union )

    A company can be expected to make "reasonable adjustments" for someone who is regarded as having a disability.
    The HR of your company might not fully be aware of the implications .
    Keep a written record of everything , and anything you disagree with .. make a formal grievance .(ACAS will be able to tell you your rights , and your company's responsibilities.
    Great Link Jenny .. didn't know that existed :)

    Rich XX
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    Hi Cathy
    Sorry You are having problems. I thought I was in the same boat, but miracoulosly my employers have now agreed to a change of role and part time. I think that this may be due to following my final meeting, which was recorded, I realised that they had missed recording some vital points that had been discussed and so immediately sent an email setting out what I believed to have been agreed - putting in all the bits that they ommitted and setting out the bits that I could do.
    Get everything in writing and respond --- in writing -- if they said 8 weeks initially ask them why it is now 6 weeks, employers need to be challenged because if they think they can get away with stuff then they will push the boundaries.
    Good Luck
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    Getting things in writing is always a good idea. However some employers seem to prefer to keep thing verbal and subsequently suffer strange memory lapses if called to account.
    One way of overcoming this difficulty is to generate the documentation yourself.

    In your case you could send a letter, by recorded delivery, to your HR department and copies to your deputy manager and anyone else you consider appropriate.

    Perhaps something along the following lines:

    Dear (whoever),

    (something here about your sick absence and your disability)

    On (date) I had a meeting with (name) during which I was assured that on my return to work I could do a cashier job for 8 weeks. Then if I couldn't get back to a full sales role I could continue as cashier and other light duties would be found.

    However, when I popped in to work on (date) I was informed by (name) that I was allowed to be a cashier for 6 weeks and would have to try a sales role in that time. It was further suggested that if I'm unable to do so there would be no place for me in the workplace and I could be sacked.

    Could you please let me know the grounds on which these changes were made to the earlier decision.
    I would appreciate a written response at your earliest convenience.

    Yours etc.
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    Hi Kat

    Sorry to see this, no wonder you are stressed out with it all. I can't add to the good advise here but you do have my very real sympathy and I hope you do find a way to stay on the lighter duties.
    I like the idea of maries' letter here which sums things up as they stand at the moment and may help them focus on what exactly they are saying and clearly not doing.
    Good luck with it all and do let us know how things are.
    take care
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    Thank you all for your advice,i feel such a fool,im going to see if there is anything in writting and also phone HR,im just so tired of it all,theres no way i will ever be able to resume my full role and the manager knew that..ohhh im so annoyed lol!
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    you may need to remind them of their responsibilities under the disabled legislation...Will focus any managers mind...

    The URL posts to ACAs disability section which you may find useful..

    Hope all goes well for you