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Hello Every one. Ive just been told i have Psoriatic Arthritis. Well thats what my consultant has diagnosed? Yesterday had chest Xrays and the same on my hands and feet. Pretty scared right now because i am an artist. The main problems are on my right hand. Joints on finger and thumb are swollen. I am left handed and as yet the only pain i get is when i type or work to frequent. My kneck also crunches and the headaches that follow are too much to handle

Sit up half the night in agony and my GP gave me tramadol which is useless :sad:

Been told i will need Methotrexate 10 mg weekly.


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    Morning and welcome to the forum, sorry that you had to join us though... This is a great place for support and advice, wr are all in a similar boat one way or another so you'll find that we really do understand how things are.
    The living with section is great for arthur related questions etc, chit chat is just that, you can have some none arthur related chat etc..

    Be well, catch you around... Hope today isn't too painful for you..
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    Hello and welcome
    Hope that you find the site as helpful and friendly as I do. I dont know how I coped before I found it. It is really good to explain symptoms and problems with people who understand, its not all gloom and doom though because we do have a good laugh too
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    Hi Krille

    welcome to the forums from me.

    Sounds like the sooner they get you on something to slow the disease down the better! You are an artist and i presume that is how you make your living.

    There are one or two other artists on here so you will fit in really well.


    Toni xx