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Hi Pip`s (people in pain) its been so long since i have even wanted to talk to anyone about this but today i feel i have some positive input.
I was told just over 2 yrs ago that i had ostio/ruhmitoid and inflamitory arthritis and spent the 1st year in agony trying to keep up with my one year old boy all that aside, did the diets cut out all and everything,didn`t work, took 30mg of steroid everyday (that makes you a nice cheerfull daddy NOT) up to 200mg of diclofenac and lots of codine to help me sleep, and of course the inevitable jabs to stop you totally giving
Life not good, absolutlely no person can understand your pain..........!!!!

Then came Leflunmide 3 months of bloods every week then every two 6 months to come off steroids and diclo haven`t had a jab for 6 months nor have i used codine for at least 4 months.

I feel tired but I AM NOT IN PAIN i know this drug dosen`t suit everyone and it took a long time to get used to it in my system but it is working.

I know there is no cure for this thing but there are ways to hold it off i suppose i`m just trying to say give the drugs a chance and steer clear of some of the crap you can read on the net yes my hair is thinner yes i go for lots of blood tests and some days i feel like **** but I have a quality of life now that i didn`t think i would get back.

I now have fun with my two year old instead of wishing i could please feel free to ask any questions happy to help Jae


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    Hi Jae, I'll say welcome as I assume you are new to the forum, forgive me if I'm wrong, wouldn't be the first time, lol...
    You might want to consider posting your message again on the living with section, to be honest there are only a few of us come down here into the 'basement' to welcome the newbies.. Shameful I know.. :lol: I'm really glad that you are getting some good benefits from your treatment, nice to hear happy stuff once in a while... :lol::wink:
    Wishing you all the best, hope to see you posting...

    Be well
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    Will do
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    Hi Jae

    Good to meet you and to hear such a sorry tale with a happy ending.

    GLAD you are having fun with your two year old now :grin:

    Please do post about on the forums - l genuinely feel you have something to offer us lot.


    Toni xx