well would you believe it??

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Just can't get my head round this. The shop manager where I thankfully only work one day a week who has been bullying us all to within an inch of our lives since Christmas has been signed off sick for 4 weeks with stress!!!

You couldn't make it up could you? :roll:

a bemused
Chris :???:


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    Yes I can!
    Remember the whinger I spoke about in earlier posts well she got another job to go to - (she leaves on 25th) Was not at all happy when she knew I was on hol this week( had to take them or lose them) .... so has gone off sick!
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    Hi Del and Cath, thanks for calling in.

    Not sure she will be back as is on some sort of warning from the regional manager if the rumours are true! There was a temporary manager in last Sunday, whom I hadn't met before who they shipped in from another store and she was an absolute delight to work for, I even left on time and got the earlier bus home. Morale has been so low for a long time and although we always meet targets and then some, with the chain as a whole struggling, I won't be too sorry if we are forced to close but I will have to find a few hours somewhere else which is a big worry. My one day a week there is the only time I get to meet people and be helpful and feel useful, and is less physical than my other PT job in the factory which is killing me. My doc would sign me off tomorrow if I asked her, but if she did I just know I would never go back and I just can't survive on SSP.
    C'est sera sera.
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    All l can say is I am so very very glad she has gone and hope she never comes back so you can all be happier :smile:

    Makes sense that she was taking out her anxieties on you poor lot though :sad:


    Toni xx :grin:
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    Hi Chris, well enjoy her absence and lets hope the manager brought in from another store can stay put at your store for now. My boss was off sick for nearly 3 weeks and it was lovely. Sadly he is back now. Even when in work he is rarely at school - but it is much more relaxing just knowing he is off! Amazing how different it can make a place when the boss is pleasant!


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