I am going to be dismissed on medical grounds :-(

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What a day..

Woke up not feeling my best..
My hands were that sore i couldn't do my hair properly so i looked like i had a nest on my head..
My OH came with me to occy health appointment...
The idea of todays meeting was to see if there was any improvement in my health and if the hydroxy was working..
She said i looked very tired and drained(cause i am ) and didn't look to good, thanks lol...
I basically told her(with help from OH) how i have been since seeing her last month.. no improvements if anything getting worse...
She was very nice when speaking to me and said that the likelihood of me returning to work in the next few months she felt was very slim, she didn't think it was fair for me to keep going to the meetings when i am clearly not well and the added stress was surely not helping.
I asked if there was any way i could try and do a few hours and she said that she felt i was not fit to do so.. I asked about deployment and she said with cuts in the NHS there would be no positions available..
She said that her opinion would be to leave work and concentrate on my health, she said she didn't want me to leave on my own accord but if i agreed with her then she would right and say that i should be dismissed on medical grounds as she cannot see me coming back to work in the forseeable future at the moment..
My OH agreed that i need to think about my health for the sake of the kids(blackmail lol) and that i would not be stressing about work would be one less thing to worry about...
After much deliberation and me crying it was decided that i will be dismissed on medical grounds..
I'm not going to lie and say i am happy about this because i am not.. I have worked since i was 15, i love my job...Having my OH at home now makes me realise how much i rely and need him, quite scary really..
You never know i may improve and then i can look for another job.. let's wait and see...


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    Oh traluvie, I am so sorry but it may well turn out to be a good thing. You have been so worried about work etc and at least that pressure is now off. You can concentrate on getting yourself better and fitter and losing the stress of work worries can only help that process. I am not sure what the ins-and-outs of such as dismissal are but I think, in the long run, it is the right thing. I know it won't feel like it tho. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I know how difficult this is for you, I have been there myself. Take this time, to get yourself in the best possible health with your conditions. It will mean you will have more energy for things you enjoy and to do things with the children and your OH.

    I cling on to the hope that one day, the meds will give me a miraculous recovery and I will be able to go to work. :lol:

    You can really focus on yourself now, have time to rest and give the meds time to work.

    Sending you positive thoughts and a gentle (((hug)))
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    Sending you hugs, its not easy being told your not fit to work,
    Take time out for yourself and try not to worry, thats what others say to me but to be honest it doesnt help the anguish and guilt i feel,
    Have a family night tonight , the kids always cheer me up after the kind of day youve had,
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    So so sorry to hear that you're being dismissed on medical grounds.

    It is a very hard thing to come to terms with, especially when it involves leaving a job you love. :roll:

    I do hope that you have the support of the union in looking at the terms of your medical dismissal ? and that in the months to come you will be able to see the benefits on your well-being of not having the physical/ mental strain of having to work.

    Sometimes the hardest knocks can result in positive outcomes in the long term.
    Chin up flower.

    Thinking of you,

    Iris xxx
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    Hi tracey

    I don't normally read this thread as I don't work but I saw dds post on lwa so dropped in...
    I am so sorry that you have had to leave your job.....It is such a blow..I remember going in to my boss and him asking me to come to a compromise and leave ......I remember the feeling quite well.

    Lets hope that in time your health will improve and you are able to go back to a job you can manage.
    In the mean time here is a massive hug (((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))

    love julie x
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    Thank you ...
    You are all great on here,,
    The best support i could have as you understand...
    Feeling bit emotional at the mo so not going to go on,,
    I not normally the soppy type..
    Am going to chill with the kids and read rhys's new book with him while Tammi watches tv..
    Thanks again..
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    hi tracy

    so sorry to hear your news :cry: the comments you've received are just the thing to help keep your spirits up - DD you always know the right thing to say :smile:

    take care of yourself tracy and try to enjoy your time off. sending you hugs and best wishes.

    Katie x
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    Hi Tracey

    Sorry to have only just caught up with this. I am so sorry to see that is has come to this for you and am sure it has left you reeling! Just wanted to call in a leave some gentle hugs and sincere sympathy. Hang in there.
    take care of yourself.
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    Just popping in to see if you are feeling any better at all?

    Was so worried about you the other day :sad:

    Love and gentle hugs from me too

    Toni xx