hi, just joined today

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now i`m writing, i realy dont know what to say,
i`ve been `friends` with arthur for to long, hes persistant and wont leave me alone.....
and insists that i have a lovely colection of tablets in alll shapes sizes and colours, ( probably a similar collection to a lot of you)
ive had the dubious pleasure of humira and other anti tnf, they did wonders for my blood results, but made me feel worce,
now had rituximab, which seems to have made a difference, but might not be allowed to have it again......... duh......
rheumy dept @ hosp is ok, but depends who you see, dr ok, but only with stuff not rheumy related,
hope ive not said anything wrong on my first post, but not really sure what to put,


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    Oh dear, someone sounds a little down and a little glum but I hope you find the forum a useful and helpful place to visit. Believe me you are not alone with the drugs, the amount of them and the apparent lack of effectiveness - after some consideration I have come to the conclusion that yes, they do work, but not as I would like. I wonder if you go to the same hospital as another forum member who is also in your neck of the woods? (I was born in Hillingdon but now live far away in Suffolk.)

    I have PA (it's similar to RA but with the added bonus of rubbish skin) and have also had my share of anti TNFs. I am currently on humira which has indeed produced long-lasting and marvellous blood test results but that's all. I also have injected meth, sulph and oral steroids (but I am giving those up, they are far too lovely and helpful). I have ditched the naproxen as I became tired of the oral thrush and I take omeprazole when I remember, plus a weekly dose of both alendronic acid and folic acid. Come April I start my 15th year of this dross - I have not yet decided whether to hold a party or not.

    LWA is the place to discuss meds/treatments/ symptoms and side effects etc (that's the living with arthritis forum) the rest of the titles are self-explanatory. We are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch of fellow arthritics and it is very nice to meet you. I hope you find the forum as good a support as I do. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello and welcome!

    As DD says you are certainly not alone in your experiences and hopefully you will find the forum as helpful as I have done.

    Just out of iinterest, what was the problem with Humira in terms of making you feel worse? I'm asking cos I had to stop Humira last year after a few years because, although it worked for the old bones, it made me really poorly and I have yet to come across anyone else who has had the same sort of experiences.

    I really hope you can contine with the Rituximab. That may well be my next step too.

    Anyhoo, "welcome" again!

    Look forward to seeing you posting.

    Tilly xxx
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    Hi Katsmother,

    You write whatever you need to so long as it's not rude or offensive.

    Say it as it is an one of us is sure to pick up and support you or have laugh or offer some advice.

    I am very pleased to meet you and hope you WILL stay on the forums and join in wherever you want to.


    Toni xx
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    Hi and welcome from me too..
    Hope that you are doing ok tonight and not suffering too much..

    Be well and catch you around

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